Bentonite Clay Eliminates?

I’ve been taking liquid Bentonite Clay for about 6 days now. I’m drinking lots of water and am doing about 75% raw diet. My BM’s are getting healthier (I think) and because of the water, my pee is pretty clear. That is, until today. Today I noticed lots of white floaties in my urine. Looked like tiny pieces of white chalk. Could this be the clay coming out in my urine or something else? Anyone know or have experience with this? I’m a little concerned seeing as clay is a new experience for me and not really sure what to expect.



  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    First questions that pop in my head… What are you taking/doing exactly? How have you been feeling? Is that ALL your taking? How are you eliminating the clay?

    When I do a salt water flush, I sometimes follow it up with a psyllium seed husk mixed with liquid bentonite diluted in water and grape juice. Of course, I don

  • The detox clay powder is pure natural calcium clay with 9.8 pH level which is very much in proper amount.

    Its fineness is 350 Screen Mesh which means it is non-gritty and it mixes smoothly with every kind of liquid, be it water or oil or honey.

  • phoebe17phoebe17 Raw Jr. Leader

    I used Bentonite clay for a facial mask but I never thought there's a potable one available. 

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