dates are all sun-dried and raw

I am ‘in transition’ and I am wondering about dates. I have been eating medjool dates and I have been reading quite a few posts and although simple common sense let’s one know if things are raw or not. there are several things that I am questioning. Such as reading several posts about Nama shoyu, coconut water, and papaya. And then there are dates. Are all dates sun dried? Are they raw? Or is there a process that they go through? Do olive bars at grocery stores have raw olives or are they cooked? Also goji berries, I see them at Whole foods, they are organic, but are they ‘dried’ at a low temperature? Are dried fruits ok to eat? I understand that some have sulfur dioxide as a preservative, but I am asking about the ones that have no preservatives or added sweetners, just plain fruit. I am in the process of purchasing a dehydrator.


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    I’ll leave the questions about dates to someone else, but I believe goji berries are sun dried most of the time. You would need to check with the source to be sure. However, even if they’re are sun dried, if the temperature is too high, I suppose the enzymes might still get destroyed in the process. Some companies are sensitive to this, so check it out if you’re concerned.

    Most of the olives in stores have been heated, I believe. Raw olives definitely have a different taste and texture, in my opinion.

    Dried fruits in general are ok to eat, you just don’t want to overdo it, since they are more concentrated than fresh fruits. Dried Calimyrna figs are one of the healthiest options as far as dried fruits go (see I figure 1 oz of dried fruit equals about 4 oz of fresh fruit. Also, since they’re dried, they are a little harder to digest. Just as you would with dehydrated food, drink water with it. Or you can soak the dried fruit to rehydrate it, and release some of the sugars. :)

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