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Be Glad Your Raw... GE Sugar is coming

Check this link out:


“Background Information: American Crystal, a large Wyoming-based sugar company and several other leading U.S. sugar providers have announced they will be sourcing their sugar from genetically engineered (GE) sugar beets beginning this year and arriving in stores in 2008. Like GE corn and GE soy, products containing GE sugar will not be labeled as such.”


  • SamiliciousSamilicious Raw Newbie

    Oh thats terrible! I feel so sorry for the health of my family. If only they were more aware and educated about nutrition in the foods they eat.

  • I don’t understand the human race. I don’t understand why they do the things they do. Why the feel they NEED to. I cry for everyone out there who doesn’t listen and doesn’t care. What’s next?...

  • newbienewbie Raw Newbie

    yikes! sugar is in everything (for processed food eaters). just buying organic sugar isn’t going to be enough to avoid coming into contact with it. do you know which gene is in it?

  • Sugar beets will be modified so they are “Roundup Ready”, much like other corn and soy crops have already been. This means that the crops will be resistant to Roundup, the herbicide, so they can be soaked with the poison and not be affected. So what do you get? A Genetically Engineered, poison soaked, insulin-screwing, hunk of granulated crap (excuse the language).

  • The poisoning of our food supply is what made me decide to go raw in the first place. :P

    GM crops are possibly the greatest threat our ecosystem has ever seen.

  • I am so disgust with all of these a**holes. It starts with them getting away with things like this that builds up to bigger and bigger problems. I don’t know what I can do besides avoid it and inform people, but it is getting harder and harder. Do they think we are that ignorant? What gives them the right to tamper with our food. Money gives them the right apparently. These people have no conscience at all and no value for life so they make it miserable for those who want to peacfully exist. Sorry, this just makes me cringe, there are alot of other things going on like the C51 bill in Canada and Codex in the US that almost seem surreal they are so disgusting.

  • MarichiesaMarichiesa Raw Newbie

    This makes me ill! And so angry! There is SO much stinkin sugar in the American Diet. We don’t need it. At my non-raw husbands request I went shopping for some basic bran cereal for him the other day into which he could add fresh fruit. Each and Every box of ‘healthy cereal” had sugar or high fructose corn syrup as the second ingredient. I was appalled. Since I have’t touched cereal in years I was shocked. Pure Poison I tell ya.

  • This is a great site to sign up with. Organic Consumers will keep you updated on what is going on….

    (twice-per-month email newsletter of Sustainability News, Alerts and Tips)


    rishiFromRoshis – I could not get the article/petition to open. I hope you do not mind if I re-post the link.

    Genetically Engineered Candy for Mothers Day? http://www.organicconsumers.org/bytes/ob134.cfm

    ALERT: Genetically Engineered Sugar to Hit U.S. in 2008 http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/642/campai…

    If they don’t get us with GMOs, they are going to dry out our pocketbooks with the price of gas. And they have done such a great job of planning out our cities…to make sure everything is so spread apart. So you have to travel across town to get or do anything.

    Soon…as in the time is Now – We really do need to be making a change, simplifying, and be learning to be self-sufficient. This article is a great example…

    The real Good Life: An entire village turns against supermarkets and grows its own food


    My problem…most of the general public is so blinded, do not question, and are caught up in their rat race routines that they do not have time to question. So, they become great followers. (Who are we to know anything, the media and experts know what is best for us.) Not intended to sound harsh. But we all have experienced this when trying to talk with our loved ones and friends. Something big is going to have to happen to change things.

    GMO Sugar would definitely be one way to help some of us (raw foodist) not fall off the wagon anymore. Since it is basically one of the key elements in the SAD diet.

    (Processed Food, Bread, Pasta, Sweets, etc…)

  • newbienewbie Raw Newbie

    gee, I didn’t know there were such issues with growing beets in the first place – they had to go and make it “round-up” ready. were beets really in trouble that its genes had to be modified to save it? No, I don’t think so. It’s all about money. I guess corn syrup is being usurped as GMO beets might be cheaper.

    I guess for SAD eaters, they can buy cane sugar and organic sugars? but, there’s no way of avoiding it in processed foods.

  • simplyraw – That Good Life article is wonderful. What a great story with a great idea. If someone were to start something like that here in California, I would definitely get involved.

  • Girlfridae1Girlfridae1 Raw Newbie

    Crazy crazy crazy. So glad I eat living non GMO food. I hear lately about all the crazy things befalling meat and thank God that I don’t eat that stuff either…

  • thecavsmanthecavsman Raw Newbie

    Gotta agree w/ you Girlfridae…

    Feels great not to eat that stuff.

    On the flip side, I was eyeing cheating from raw a little bit (I’m controlled enough not to relapse) when I go on vacation with another couple in late June. Not cheating for food, but for the social aspect. The whole GMO thing just gives me something else to think about, making that bite of bad food feel even less desirable (on top of the carcinogens, acidity, and pesticide residues).

    I believe in the whole mental aspect and I think of it like this: If you are afraid of the effects of something, don’t eat it. If mentally you go through life KNOWING you are doing something that is unhealthy, then you will have even more unhealthy effects that someone who is ignorant to what they are doing to themselves. You are awaiting the bad effect while they pretend it won’t happen. So the more I know about what is in bad food, the less likely I am to even cheat – going back to the point of simplyraw.

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