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Juice Feasing question..

Am thinking about doing this, after literally immersing myself in reading for days and days.

Hopefully next week starting as I have some holiday, so it will be easier being at home. However when I go back to work and being on the road.. it will be harder

Is it okay to store juice for say 1 hour? Is it best to use glass?

Any advice from those who have juice feasted whilst working travelling etc would be wonderfull

I can source organic fruit easily and cheaply.. just need to figure out storage during the day really!!

Thank you



  • koolieaidedkoolieaided Raw Newbie

    I’ve never juice feasted, but I would think it would be best to use glass since most plastic has toxins which can be transfered into the liquid. Example: plastic water bottles. I heard that the fruit cleanse has the same effect as the juice feasting…today is my 4th day on the fruit cleanse….I’m doing it for 30 days…a lot shorter then the juice feast. I guess the juice feast would eliminate more toxins and help secure more energy. I think storing the juice for an hour would be okay. It is still living after it’s been juice the enzymes and good bacteria would still be alive…so I don’t think storing it for as little as an hour would effect it at all.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    We store juice for longer that that, sometimes a few days. This is because we like to juice a whole load of fruit at once to save on time, it always seems fine to us. But I guess the perfect way would be to have it right away, but is not always convenient.

  • Thanks Zoe

    In the morning I can easily prepare lemon juice and water or oj. Same in the evening, its fine to use my juicer and blender.

    But when I am out during the day working out etc will be tricky. I will prep and carry them with me… think I am going to need a rucksack!!

    Thanks for the help

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    I recently learned from a naturopathic doctor that juice made with a masticating juicer is less oxidized, which keeps it fresher longer than juice made with a (more common) centrifuge juicer. I believe she said it was optimal to drink juices made with a masticating juicer within 24 hours or so.

  • The Green Star juicer is a low RPM masticating juicer that also magnetizes the juice…adding up to a week of life to the juice, I’m told by a reputable source. Obviously it’s best to drink ASAP, but this is something to keep in mind.

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