Our E3Live arrived today! My mother made this amazing smoothie with it. It’s not green, it just looks like a bunch of frozen blueberries made into a smoothie, so your kids aren’t going to know you added healthy stuff to it. Klamath Lake wild blue green algae if just as nutritious as using a bunch of spinach or kale, if not more nutrtius! Feel free to try leafy greens as well, I just prefer the algae. I swear MY 5 MO OLD KITTEN IS DRINKING IT! THATS HOW GOOD IT IS!

3 cups frozen wild blueberries (can also use regular frozen blueberries) 2-3 tablespoons agave 3 teaspoons E3Live or other Klamath Lake wild blue green algae (E3live is best) Note: E3live is mixed with water so you should use liquid form of algae 1/2 to 1 cup of filtered water

Just whip everything in a blender till smooth. It looks like grape smoothie/juice, but tastes like magic. Your kids win’t even know you added algae….i swear

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