chia seeds

Where would I go to get some and what do they look like?


  • Chia seeds are small like mustard seeds. The are available in white (which is beige in color) and natural (speckled gray color). Nutritional content is just about the same between the 2. Just do an online search and you’ll find lots. You can also check out our webpage for info on chia seeds…

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    chia seeds are something i have a little concern about. the only two packets i’ve seen at whole foods are “branded.” they aren’t sold as “chia seeds” but rather by their brand name (the word “CHIA” doesn’t even feature on the label). i am a little wary of things that cannot be bought in bulk, but have been made into something trade-mark-able.

    any one have any info? can you buy them loose anywhere?

  • The brand name “Salba” is apparently a patended variety. That brand sells only “white” Chia. Chia seeds are becoming more widely available (at least here in Canada). I have not seen any yet in bulk bins but most are sold in 1 pound bags, some even in 5 pound bags. Chia’s botanical name is Salvia hispanica l. Some use that name on their labels.

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