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Rawness is NYCe

If you are in the city, we should connect on where to get bulk items, or best produce, things can be expensive, and it is very fast pace, we can learn from each other to deal with these things.


  • yes. i agree. I live in Brooklyn (Williamsburg) and have been on the hunt for great, cheap raw bulk items, as well as affordable organic produce. In the past I’ve found farmers markets to be one of the best place for the produce end oft hings, but re: bulk, please share if you know of any great places! :)

  • Farmers markets are great for the organic produce, but at times I am amazed at how exorbitantly expensive they can be. Nonetheless they are the best fresh way to get good produce. In terms of bulk items, the best place is the park slope food co-op. The fact that it is a working cooperative allows them to avoid paying workers and thus the owners/members get deals. You would have to work one shift a month, approximately 3-4 hours. Its a great place to meet people and get great advice, not to mention save money. But living in Astoria makes it hard for me to commit to something so far from my home. I actually work in Williamsburg, we could attempt to connect on raw food sometime. Maybe a potluck.

  • I’m in NJ, but about 15 minutes out of NYC and am really looking for a place to purchase fresh produce for a decent price.

  • im in the city in the east village. so far one of the cheaper places i’ve found to buy nuts is at trader joe’s. have been going to some of the local places here, healthfully and commodities, also been hitting the farmers markets for produce. just joined the 6th street CSA. looking forward to see what they have to offer. going to the raw food expo this weekend hoping to learn more and see what other people are doing.

  • I looked into the CSA, but had trouble finding one that provided a lot of fruits. Please let us know how that works out.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie


    nycgrrl posted this a few weeks ago. this week’s list has a lot of fruits.

  • pianissima: Thank you. I saw nycgrrl’s post about this in another thread and have since added it to my favorites!

  • that looks amazing, but they only deliver once a week? i have commitment issues when it comes to that kind of stuff…

  • I’ve placed my first order and should be receiving by next Friday. I’ll let you all know how it turns out. I’ve ordered the “little box” just to see.

    Have the NYC Farmers Markets begun? If so, anyone have any recommendations? (price-wise & variety)

  • also, if youre in brooklyn, the flatbush food co-op is great, they just re-located to an old met surperstore. they have a decent produce section and a great bulk section

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