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Raw is healing my eyesight!


It’s true. I actually have terrible vision; with everything blurry unless I’m wearing contacts. When I took my contacts out today to go to my eye exam, I thought, “This is strange; I feel like I’m seeing clearer!” Sure enough, my prescription has IMPROVED, and my doctor kept commenting on the fact that my eyes have gotten better!

I just smiled, but I know it’s because of raw.

I think I actually read an article awhile back of a rawbie who healing their failing vision with raw foods, but I can’t find it now!

Any other evidence to support healing of poor vision through raw? I just hope this continues!


  • AWESOME!!! I’ve been hoping that my eyesight will get better too! I’ve only been raw for four months, and I saw the eyedoctor a month ago and my eyesight didn’t get better, but my astigmatism is GONE! :D In The Hallelujah Diet, George Malkmus says his eyesight got better and he doesn’t have to wear glasses anymore. and the dude is like 65.

  • Bernadette Bohan cured her eyesight. In her book “Bernadette Bohan’s The Choice” she talks about carrot juice and how it improved her eyesight. After wearing glasses since she was 16 yo, she was able to throw them away. I believe she was in her mid-forties by that time. I cannot remember the exact age she threw out her glasses. But it all happened within a years time. I have read reports by other people experiencing the same thing. In those reports, people also say it took about year.

    Here are two books to also consider in improving eyesight…

    The Bates Method for Better Eyesight Without Glasses by William H. Bates

    Relearning to See: Improve Your Eyesight—Naturally! Thomas R. Quackenbush

  • Just wanted to chime in here. I just went to the eye doctor this past week. I’ve been mostly raw for almost a year and a half now. I’ve had to wear glasses for the past 10+ years and now I no longer need my glasses as I now have 20/20 vision. Pretty nice feeling! It’s also cured my acne outbreaks too amongst other things.

  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    A dear friend of mine and very powerful healer Heike Strombach teaches using The Bates Method and has amazing results. Many quit corrective lenses after taking only one 3 hour class from her!

    Here is a link to the Wiki page… (Wikipedia Rocks) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bates_Method

    Lovebows, Chris

  • Wow!This is really ironic because since I’ve gone raw, my eyesight has gotten worse! It kind of upsets me because I’ve never imagined myself wearing glasses. My vision is ok with objects that are up close, but the further away the more blurry and uncomfortable. Also, I find that my eyes are stiffer when I move them around, especially when I first wake up in the morning. Too bad for me.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Samilicious, you’re not alone. I haven’t been 100% raw, but my diet has improved a great deal… and my vision on my left eye has gotten worse. But, I think I have other problems… with that eye… I didn’t have such problems before. However, after reading all this, I am amazed at so many great stories! ...I hope it works for you Samilicious.

  • Thanks germin8, I hope the best for you too!!

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    Chris and Zoe, thanks always—your posts are always so informative. I need that class as my body is revolting against my contacts! Still with very compromised vision and where have my clear raw eyes gone?

  • Not surprised at all, I know that a healthy colon and a “clean” digestive system improves and may resolve eye issues. My mother about a year ago experienced an issue with a cataract, after consulting with a doctor (a specialist) she was told that it was “normal” at her age and that surgery may have corrected the problem, well….after only few days of strict organic, raw vegetarian diet with the addition of colon irrigations her problem disappeared. PS I should also mention that my mother is using (as I do) the food combining principles.

  • I don’t have any problems with eyesight, at least I’ve never had to wear glasses. But I do feel that I’m sensitive to sugars, even natural ones in a way that if I eat many dried fruits or even too many of the very sweet fresh ones everything seems to get a bit more foggy. I don’t think a raw food diet is very healthy if you just eat agave sirup and dates all the time. The greener the better. In fact here in Denmark where I come from, we like to say: “green is good for the eye!” I don’t know if there’s something similar in english. I used to think it just meant that nature is beautiful, but now I’m not so sure… hmm :)

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    My eyesight has not improved – even though I haven’t had it tested, it sometimes seems to have gotten worse. Now that I learned that my body can’t make vitamin A out of beta carotene because of diabetes & I started taking a vitamin A supplement that gives me pre-formed vitamin A from fish oil, I’m thinking/hoping it will get better. Aaaah, to be well and live only on raw plant foods – SOMEDAY!!!

  • I am legally blind without my contacts. I went to the eye doctor today and he actually lowered my prescription and I can see just as fine with the weaker pair I have on now =)

  • I wouldn't say raw "healed" anything so much as what you were eating before CAUSED degeneration faster than a healthy diet would have.

  • That's what I'm saying; I doubt the raw diet is "helping" you so much as the cooked food and animal products CAUSE HARM/DEGENERATE.

  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    But isn't that what healing is about, reversing damage?

  • I guess there are two ways to look at it:

    1) Does raw food heal?


    2) Does not eating the bad stuff heal?

    I go with #2, since raw food doesn't heal. THE BODY HEALS!!!

    Bad stuff makes us sick, and by not eating it, we get better.

  • Thorne...It is definitely good news your eyesight has gotten better.

    I don't believe that superfood2 was being pedantic or trying to bring you down.

    I think her point was simply to expand the discussion a bit (maybe I'm wrong).

    I know I really questioned wether or not raw food healed us, or if cooked food hurt us.

    I've since come to believe it's a little of both.

    Cooked food and all the whackjob chemicals that are in our current mainstream foods are a never ending attack on our body's cells and systems.

    Our bodies do all the healing, but to do a good job we need raw food to provide the body with the proper materials for the repairs.

    It's like trying to repair a collapsed bridge with Linkin Logs and super glue.

  • Yeah, it's kind of like when vegetarians say they are "saving animals." Uh, no, we just don't kill them (assuming the vegetarian is a real vegan). That's not saving them. To say we're saving them is to infer that we are supposed to be killing (even though it's an incorrect word in that use as well), which I definitely disagree with.

    I'm not being negative at all. I'm happy your eyesight is getting better! But you don't know, if you had been a baby raw foodist and your mom a raw foodist, if your eyesight would have been as it is now, at hte improved stage (or better).....so we don't really know if cooked food caused the damage entirely or if it's based on genes, etc., what happened. Does that make more sense?

  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    Oh wow, are we hung up on semantics, or what? While we are all on that note, the word you (superfood2) wanted is "imply", not "infer". As in: Folks may infer what is implied. Beyond that, the entire sentence has me pause: "To say we're saving them is to infer that we are supposed to be killing". So by your comment, to save someone from drowning, means that they were meant to drown?

    Yes, the body does the healing. The body needs good food to do the healing at it's best. Congratulations to all who have discovered that raw foods help their body to heal itself!


  • That's great news Moth. I've noticed that when i eat goji berries, my eyesight seems more focused and clear.

  • Pixx, I'm not "hung up" on semantics, but I'm aware that other people are. If we as raw foodists make claims that are not backed up, people do judge. I have vegan friends who look at raw foodists' claims and judge. So yes, I try to be specific when talking to people and I try to be specific in my speech (when I feel necessary) about what I mean. Words are defined by words, so what they mean is all made up in our own heads based on our own experiences, anyway. I go back and usually re-read my post and think, "Oh, I bet it would be more understandable by x" and then sometimes revise it. Not a big deal.

    I'm not the one who makes claims about saving and such, so you'd have to talk to those people who say that to know what they mean.

    I don't mind that you dont' like my wording; I didn't find your post intelligible for me. We must just speak differently. I'm fine about it.

  • To further illustrate what I mean, when people ask me why I'm raw and such, I tell them that *I* feel better eating raw and that I feel I have increased energy and that my skin looks better. I don't usually say anything about enzymes and such, because I know there's debate surrounding it, and so if I DO mention enzymes, I say something like (this is dumbed down to people who haven't heard much about raw), "Some people say that cooked food can't be processed by your body and that the enzymes from raw food CAN be utilized by our bodies," etc., and then I add, "But I don't know the truth of it." We can only attest to what we know/feel ourselves.....I would tell someone, "I noticed my eyesight seems better since eating more raw food. I think cooked food had a negative effect on my eyesight."

    I'm not quibbling with Moth at all. I never have. I'm just saying that I doubt that raw is "healing" anything, and as was pointed out by RawCanadian, if anything heals, it's our bodies themselves.

    ETA: I see a LOT of people that I think at least one of their "conditions" or degenerations could be helped by more raw food. So I just say, why not try it and see how YOU feel. Everyone's different. A lot of our mindsets are different, too. The positive/happy/intuitive people seem to do better.

  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    So if our eyesight improves, will our current prescriptions be too strong, and how will we notice this? Will it be bad for our eyes to use our glasses?

  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    I pointed out the misuse of the word "infer" (rather than "imply") to prove a point. The only reason I did so, was it seemed the folks choosing to use the word "healed" were being picked on for that use. I suppose it was juvinile for me to participate in that manner, and for that, I apologize.

    I do hear your point, and agree with most of what you have said. I also feel that here on a raw site, that likely isn't an issue; but yes, when speaking to non-raw folks it is prudent to closely guard how things are worded.

  • I didn't mean for it to seem like I was picking on anyone - not at all. :)

  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    Carnap, when eyesight improves, at least in my experience, yes, I did notice the difference. My glasses seemed to feel as if they were not my glasses, like I'd picked up someone else's instead. Any use of glasses (according to what I have read) can deteriorate your vision, as the eyes can get dependent on them, and therefore weaken. (I would think that it's probably not wise to continue to wear glasses that are too strong for your needs.) I only wear mine when absolutely necessary. I have noticed over the past two decades that periods of time that I use them the most, I have had to change the prescription more often, and periods of time I have used them the least, my appointments have shown I needed weaker prescriptions. My vision has gone back and forth over the years. I haven't had an appointment in a while (couple years?), but am noticing I probably need a weaker prescription again. Whether that is due to the fact that the past year and a half has been mostly raw, or that I rarely ever wear them, I can not say. May be a combination of the two.

  • I think it is really good that raw foods help eyesight.

    But just take a look at the China Study. Cooked foods can help eyesight too, and that is great news, since there is no known culture that eats 100% raw.

    Let's face it, we know shit about nutrition, since there is so much more for us to learn.

    Opinions may differ but if we stay with the facts, then diet seems to be the biggest factor when it comes to health.

    Most of the evidence towards disease points towards meat, dairy, fat, sodium, cholesterol, vitamin d, vitamin c, and lack of exercise.

    Again it is just my opinion, you can't take it seriously.

    Fix all those things and your health is almost guaranteed (like the used car salesman will tell you ) , to improve no matter what.

    Why do a lot of pets have seeing problems??? People food?? Yep , dog food, cat food, is still people food, it is still processed.

    Feed the pets an American diet, and they get American diseases, eye sight, cancer, arthritis, etc.

    Is it obvious, or are we really that blind??? lol

  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    Haha! 'we know shit about nutrition'!

    RawCanadian, I agree. I mean, we think we know everything, but I went to a conference on Biology the other day and the person said that we only know 10 per cent of living organisms! All the mammals, yes, 99 per cent of birds, yes, but sea life? Insects? Bacteria? We have no idea what's going on!

    That is why while scientific tinkering is so scary, sometimes...

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