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Warranty on Vitamix - Get it?!

AziahAziah Raw Newbie

Ok so I just got in my brand spankin’ new Vitamix and the first thing I saw on top was the info to purchase an extended warranty. I just spent a TON on money on the machine…do I need to purchase the warranty? Is it worth the $75?


  • I would say (unless you’re completely broke after buying the device)—go for it! You spent all that money so you would have a great blender that you could use daily for many years, so if it costs a little extra to ensure that happens it’s worth it.

    My question for you: is it everything you’d heard about? I want to buy one, because I do use my blender at least twice a day, and it’s the only equipment I own. Right now I use a $13 one from Target.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    I have a vita-mix and i really am not sure what i would do without it. It’s a really powerful blender is what it is, it just grinds really smooth. BUT, make sure you get the latest model: Vitamix 5200. I have the 4500, which is slightly older, so I have a feeling if you get the latest model you’ll be even more satisfied than i am.

    As far as the warranty, I was going to get it and never got it….i literally just forgot and was too busy to think about warranties. I have had my vita-mix for 2 years with no issue. The warranty is only 4 years and I really doubt I will have a problem in the next 2 years but if you got the time and money do it. By time, I just mean enough time to get on the internet and go to the warranty site. haha

  • Just getting into being RAW. When I moved (before raw) I sold a great old vita-mix—commercial grade for $75. Now I am kicking myself around the block. Any ideas on where to get a new one, I guess the 5200 is the best, do I need to get the super one for flour?

  • I am wondering if anyone can recommend where to order the Vitamix 5200 from. Do most people get it directly from Vitamix? There seem to be a number of businesses that sell their products. I don’t know if they offer better deals. I’d like to get one, but avoid shipping costs if possible. Any thoughts or suggestions?
    Cheers, gg13

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Extended warranty? I didn’t get it. They have such a good reputation… I didn’t bother. Did BlendTec offer one? I have both blenders, and I didn’t bother with extended warranties. I got one for my car thinking it would take me time before I reached 75K miles when I lived 3 miles from work… then, I moved! And, I reached 75K before I knew it. I’m pretty sure that is the last time I get extended warranty.

  • Aziah – did you get your Vitamix from Vitamix’s website? Or from a different vendor? Don’t wish to be nosy, but I’m curious.
    Thanks! -gg13

  • AziahAziah Raw Newbie

    I got my vitamix from www.everythingkitchens.com. They had free shipping. But I found that the price is the same on all sites…including the vitamix site. I was happy with everythingkitchens.com.

    As far as liking it, I LOVE IT!!! It is a world of difference from my Oster blender. A world! The darn thing makes ice cream instantly and I just LOVE that by itself!

    As far as the warranty…it is $75 to extend it another 3 years. I am thinking I won’t get the warranty. I will probably KICK myself in 7 years for this decision but I already spend so much on the blender that if I spend more (which I don’t have) my hubby would kill me. lol

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