Feel Bloated :(

Ughhh…I feel so bloated and I’m not really not in the mood to eat. I think it’s from all the flax crackers I’ve been eating. Besides not eating crackers does anyone have any suggestions?


  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    don’t eat if you don’t feel like it. you have my permission. =)

    bloating is either the experience of your cells giving off too much of their gas (i.e. detox) too quickly, OR from any number of things that cause the creation of too much gas in your system (i.e. poor food combining, eating too quickly, or eating too much).

    eat very simply till the symptoms pass. favor greens. good luck!

    if this recurs, you might want to check out food combining and implement some quick fixes in your diet.

  • Thanks, Greens have been lacking plus I’m always in a hurry, 3 people in the house with 3 different eating habits doesn’t help either. No time to just sit and enjoy a meal.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    hurried eating is not so good for the system. don’t eat if you are not in the mood. relax and it will hopefully pass.

    i thought of one more thing, are the flax crackers ground flax or whole flax? whole flax is indigestible and you can’t get to any of the essential oils.

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