hi. i wanted to join this online community to immerse myself in the activities of other raw foodists. but really i just love food and want to share the recipes i make for myself and others and to also experience other recipes.

i live in denver, colorado and don’t know anybody else who is raw. i learned about it from a person, whose energy just resonates within me, about 4 years ago and tried it for spurts at a time until one day, after a night of bad drinking, i needed to fast and clean my system. When i began eating food again, the only food that seemed to make sense with what i was doing was raw foods. so i have committed myself to a lifestyle of uncooked foods.

i feel as though the person i need to be has been allowed to develop, to be in place by the substances that integrate into my body.

cooked foods, especially the smell, is still very tempting.

i hope being a part of this community can offer me support and have a positive response in my life.

thanks for reading. mapa


  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Welcome mptraveller! I was reading your info. on your profile, and checked out your website. You do wonderful work. I can feel your energy through it. I am also taoist. My husband and I are raising our family taoist as well (2 kids). Also, he has decided that raw is a good thing too, so hopefully now we will be a raw, taoist family…tread lightly and leave no trace (at least as much as possible). For me, raw food makes sooo much sense in relation to taoism.

  • Hello mapa.

    If you want to meet some other raw foodist in the Denver area; Paul Nison is going to be speaking Monday, June 11, 2007 @7:00 PM at the

    Metaphysical Research Society (MRS) 1001 East 7th Avenue Denver, CO 80218 “www.mrsdenver.org”

    Paul is a raw food author, lecturer and chef. Check out his web site.


    It would be a good way to meet other raw foodists.

    My wife and I might come up for it.

  • Thank you for the support!

    spiritedmama- that is awesome to be raising a raw food/taoist family! i don’t know any other taoists, it is strange. although my two roommates are from china and tell me wonderful stories of the taoists! it is wonderful! and thank you for checking out the website, although i removed it as to avoid judgement, as some of those patrons were before i went raw and was still eating cooked foods, oh well.

    eaglenester- thanks for the heads up! i usually work at that time but i have time now to trade shifts with someone else so i can attend. sounds like a good opportunity to meet other raw foodies! i am very interested.

  • mptraveller, There is a lot of raw food movement in the Denver metro area. Potlucks are being held weekly, famous authors are coming to town for lectures, social events, classes and even a smoothie bar! Visit Raw Denver for a calendar of events and activities. —Scott

  • ah thanks a lot! raw denver looks like a great site! and i definitely would like to meet more raw foodies in the area!

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