so lonely in Green Bay, WI

I am thrilled! After living here a year and being horribly depressed about it because of the lack of healthy living resources, bad weather, produce, etc… I could keep complaining for days but through one of the posts on this site I found a farely close (approx. 30 minute drive) raw food potluck in Appleton. I am hopeful about finding like minded people in this area for the first time. THANK YOU to everyone who contributes on this site it has been very enlightening and entertaining. Is it possible that anyone on this site lives anywhere close to me?


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    My bf and I live in Wauwatosa, WI. I am actually from Chicago and have only been here a year and it is still just temporary as we are trying to move out to California. My bf is from Milwaukee though.

    I believe there used to be a person who used to have a Rawfoods potluck going in the Milwaukee area according to my bf(check out the MARV site – there is a number:

    Anyhow we go to the MARV potlucks almost every month and we bring raw dishes pretty much every time and there are a few others who bring raw too. Other than that is pretty much entirely vegan. People are very friendly there and open to raw foods. They also have a ‘theme’ every month but sometimes don’t post it on the site – I know that ice cream is coming up for either June or July (if I go – I’ll make a raw ice cream!) but you can bring whatever you want regardless of theme. They often have a speaker or a presentation sometimes – we had a wheatgrass presentation once. :)

    We haven’t gone to a potluck in Appleton. Maybe you can send me the info?

    Yeah, it is harder here – at least for raw events. Chicago had a big raw food community. I shop mostly at Outpost here and I am able to get all the stuff I need there to eat 100% raw most of the time (well, yesterday we went to Riverwest and I had a cooked lunch – but I am all raw at home). In Chicago, I shopped at Whole Foods (weird how I rarely go to the Whole Foods here since Outpost is so great!).

    Maybe I’ll see ya at one of the potlucks! I am always making new stuff and it would be nice to have some new raw people to taste test it! :)

  • hey i live in oshkosh, WI!

    Wisconsin is pretty bad. I feel the loneliness! At least there are some good health food stores scattered about. Who else lives in Wisconsin??

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    Yes cskinner, I live in GB!

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