Wheatgrass yield?!

ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

I grew my first tray of wheatgrass, it was a cafeteria tray and I packed it with wheat berries. It grew really well and I harvested it when it was about 6 inches long.

But when I juiced it I was disappointed, because the whole lot only made one 1/4 glass of wheatgrass juice, about 4-8 fluid ounces. Is this normal or did I do something wrong?

If anyone out there grows their own wheatgrass how many trays do yo have going at the same time, I am thinking for the two of us, I’ll need to have 14 trays a week. I liked it alot so I might just do that!


  • Hello Zoe, I used to grow the wheatgrass for the juice bar I worked at so I can say from experience (planting and juicing upwards of 30 trays a day) that we generally got anywhere from 16-20 ounces per tray. We always harvested when the grass was about 12 days old. Obviously the longer the grass the better the yield. Our method of growing was:

    Soak 1 cup of seed per tray overnight

    Fill trays with a mixture of half compost, half potting soil

    Sprinkle seeds on dirt, mist with water

    Cover with another tray and leave in the dark for 24 hours

    Uncover and mist with water once a day

    When grass is about an inch tall water underneath instead of misting to prevent mould

    Sometimes we would use liquid seaweed in our water. When juicing we would be sure to cut as close to the seed as possible because most of the juice is contained there. Now that it is warmer we are just not mowing our lawn and picking the nicest, greenest grass to juice. It tastes way better than wheatgrass and is cheap, plentiful, and labour free! Plus grown out wild in the sun seems so much better to me. Maybe this is an option for you?? Good luck I hope this helps you.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Thanks rawmumma, great infor, just what I needed. The wild grass is a geat idea, we have got an abundance of it!

  • I’ve always found the yield to be surprisingly low from wheatgrass. I think that’s kind of the way it is. But I’ve never heard of just cutting grass from the lawn – has anyone else done this? I’m intrigued!!!

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