"Green" Careers

queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

In addition to the other new stuff I am getting into, I am really interested in getting into a green career of some sort.

I think I would be interested in like being a “greening consultant” – like where you go and “green” peoples home. I saw it on the Planet Green cable channel and it looked like it would be a cool job. I already know alot of about nontoxic living, organics, some stuff about energy, recycling etc. so I think this might be something I could be good at. But how do I get started?

I already have a Bachelors. Does anyone know if they have classes in these sorts of things yet or maybe some sort of certificate programs somewhere?

I am in the SF Bay area.


  • Yeah, actually – I would recommend the Solar living institute up in Hopland (which is just south of Ukiah, in Mendocino county). I took a straw bale house building workshop there once. They have a full calendar full of classes you can take that might put you on a path toward a “green” career. Check them out…


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