Hey hey hey!

Just wanted to pop in and give a little introduction. My name is Melissa and I live in Southern New Jersey. Been vegan for 9 years but am now pursuing a raw diet. I’ve been well-versed in all things raw for years, so I think my transition will go smoothly. I stumbled across this community and I’m so grateful it exists. I just got off my 3rd Master Cleanse and I’ll tell ya, coming on here while fasting was hard because ya’ll post so many effin’ amazing recipes that my mouth kept watering. I definitely look forward to interacting on here and sharing my insights as well. As a side note, I’m dumbfounded by all the amazingly beautiful people on here—I swear, you raw folks are breathtaking, it must be the life-promoting and life-affirming foods, huh?! Rock on!


  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Welcome! I think this beautiful feeling of joy and graciousness does relate to a raw food diet. “This article sums it up perfectly”: http://www.rawtheartoflivingblog.com/triedtaste…

    I’m so glad you joined goneraw. It really is the best online community ever!

  • Everyone needs community!! It’s so great to make the acquaintance of people all over the planet… and i think there really is people from all over here. Have a wonderful and encouraged day! Blessings!

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