Raw for kids...

kandacekandace Raw Newbie

We’re noticing that many of our members here at Gone Raw have kids and are interested in raw recipes for the whole family. What raw snacks and meals to your kids love? Let us know and be sure to post your raw kids recipes (just give them a category of kids and they’ll show up in the list).


  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Thanks for posting the kids milk recipes, humanimal. They’re perfect.

  • My kids really like kale chips (we call them Green Monster Chips in our house). I’ll go post the recipe now. Super simple, and super yummy!

  • rae-deanrae-dean Raw Newbie

    i babysit my grandsons 50 hours a week and the 4 yr old-is a fruitatraian on his own.thin and loves everything good for him.When they come over.i am now trying to have better raw foods for them to eat.but another thing is-they got interested in the process of making things. i watch them and am right by them.i had them cut up apples and all kinds of stuff and we juiced them.they loved it and drank the raw juice.then the spiral slicer…the 4 and 7 yr old love it.i let them make spiral slicer zucchini noodles. they were very loving that device.now to get them to eat the noodles.

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