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Raw Toddler Menu Ideas?

Hi there,

I need some fresh ideas for my 18mo. Lately she’s been nursing more and eating less food so I’d like to get her excited about food again. I’d love any food ideas or menus that you guys have. Please feel free to share your own experience with raw babies, toddlers, and children.


  • What does she eat now other than breastmilk?

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    There are a couple recipe categories that may be helpful:

    Kid: http://goneraw.com/recipes/list/kid
    Kids: http://goneraw.com/recipes/list/kids

  • mamamilk,

    She eats bananas, apples, pears, papayas, mangoes, avocados, cucumbers, carrots, spinach, lettuce, and oranges. For non-raw food she eats crackers, cookies, bread, hummus, tofu, faux chicken nuggets, pasta, sauce, olives, and french fries(only once in a while, I swear.) She also drinks non-raw almond milk, mostly out of convenience because they come in the shelf-stable juice boxes. I’d like to get her away from the processed grain products, faux nuggets, and fries and towards healthier raw options for those. I don’t plan on making her 100% raw, but I’d like to serve more raw alternatives that may be easier to digest.


    Thanks for pointing those out, I will go check them out right now!

  • hmmm. sounds like she has a good variety – of the raw stuff at least. I’m assuming because of her age you’re not doing anything nut-based. A good idea would be to take her to a local farm for some good blackberry or peach picking – (if one is near you). when kids get their hands in the process of food it makes a difference!

    sometimes food presentation makes a difference too. (cut or arrange in the shapes of rainbows, bugs, flowers). let her roll up some of her fruits and veggies in her spinach and lettuce leaves. melons, pineapples are in abundance now. you can shred broccoli and cabbage to make “grass” and put atop little fruit and veggies cut in the shape of simple creatures – pitted and cut cherries for lady bugs, grapes cut in half and in a row for an inchworm…. you get the idea.

    keep it simple – i wouldn’t try too hard trying to replicate SAD foods or get too many ingredients involved. simplicity is heavenly. : )

    another thought: i have often noticed that when a child seems to lose interest in one area of development it is because they are developing tremendously in another. is she doing new stuff that is maybe taking her attention off of eating? has she had any life changes around her? this isn’t necessarily a bad thing – just part of growing up. : ) things such as physical development and mental development – toddlers are developing from that world/self understanding to the world/others/self mindset. it is extraordinary…. also around this age – they get a little picky – eat less – b/c their bodies are balancing off from the huge growth spurts of the first 12 – 18 months of life. typically between a little before 2 years old through 3 years old, some kids seem to eat much less. it is normal to grow only a couple inches and gain only 3 – 5 lbs during the course of these next 12 – 18 months. hope this helps.

  • She occasionally gets almond and hazelnut based foods. Also sunflower seed butter. However, no allergies to those run in our family and she’s handled them well.

    She has gotten taller lately. Also, her canines are starting to come in. That could be it, she’s just growth spurting. Thanks!

    By the way, you have a gorgeous family!

  • AziahAziah Raw Newbie

    if you can get me your email address I can send you something I have on my computer…

  • thank you justine – i am immensely blessed.

    teething will definately do it. especially those canines – sometimes they’re harder to cut than the molars….driving a toddler back to the basics of breastmilk. Babies are so intuitive (when given a healthy diet from the start) in that they know what they need.

    Does she have a b-12 source?

  • Well, my child is vegetarian, not vegan. My fiance takes her out for cheesy food, so that’s her current source of B12. I also believe that she gets it through my breastmilk, since I take a supplement. I’m going to discuss the B12 issue at her 18mo appt this week with her pediatrician.

    I definitely think it’s a growth spurt issue because today was a complete turnaround. I also think she wants to be a fruitarian since she has eaten a piece of cantaloupe, two pieces of mango, half a banana, and a slice of watermelon today and it’s not even 1pm yet.

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