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The story of me "cheating" with SAD...

AziahAziah Raw Newbie

If you are thinking of cheating, read this first:

I have been as close to 100% raw as possible for over 2 months. I survived a vacation to Disney, detox, exhaustion, and other unpleasent things along the way….along with losing 12lbs. I really wasn’t “suffering” at all eating “cheese burgers”, “brownies”, smoothies and other delicious treats. And for the past couple weeks my energy was picking up and I was feeling great.

Then I planned an overnight trip…and I did it half-as*ed. I knew there would be no restaurants to eat at so I had to pack everything. I packed all fruits and stuff for a salad. The thing I didn’t plan for was the 4 hour trip either way and eating in the car. The way down was good…but on the trip back I had just had some fruit for breakfast and an hour into the drive I was starving. I had nothing but dried fruit to snack on and it wasn’t filling me. The thought of eating a salad was unappealing…let alone having to stop and make it. So what did I do? I opted to stop and get a hoagie at a gas station with gluten and cheese (which I have an intolerance to). It didn’t taste good but it was certainly filling. Too much so. It felt like lead in my stomach. I tried to get over the guilt-trip but unfortunately the exhaustion and agitation it caused me kept reminding me of it. On top of that, I had gained 7 pounds in water weight from eating it. Yes, 7 lbs! I already lost 4 of it over 5 days but what a set back. And a week later I am still suffering from exhaustion.

Needless to say, I learned that it isn’t worth it to “cheat” by eating SAD foods…and I also learned to pack more satisfying, varied, and readily available foods for travelling in a car.


  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Wow, thank you for sharing your story so truthfully. It really helps me. I’ve been raw for awhile now, but sometimes I find myself craving cooked and wonder if it would be worth it. I have truly learned something from this thread. It helps to hear the message from someone who has “gone back” and lived to tell about it.

  • Thank you for sharing! I was away last week at my mom’s, without my blendtec, and I ate some cooked food, mostly quinoa, a bit of manna bread…but my mom requested I make our family favorite chocolate cookie cream icebox cake…AAAAH if you’ve never had this before you might not know how hard it is to resist!! At home, I would never make this—would never even have the ingredients on hand!—so temptation would’t happen. But I did succumb and had a bite or two….I forgave myself as being away from home and the ease of raw made it SO much easier to succumb. So forgive yourself—being raw on the road or away from home is HARD!!!

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    I Hear you all! One glance at my candida post from today and I hope someone might learn some early signs to look for so they don’t end up like I did. One thing i do LOVE about getting back to 100% is that by day 2 I can see my eyes again. They are big & CLEAR!. My head is clear and my vision is clear. The extra weight falls off and in 5 days any bumpage disappears from the thighs. I’m well on the mend—the GSE is killing the cooked starch cravings and i’m back in the saddle again.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    Yeah I think road food/ariport food is some of the most unhealthy stuff there is. Sorry you are so ill. Feel better soon.

  • to Izhpt: I’m mostly 100%, but once a week or once every other week I get a cooked meal in me. I notice a difference – my body starts to detox (meaning lots of gas and maybe break outs), but nothing else. I have quite a few bumps/bruises on my legs and I read your post about bumps on your thighs so I have question. Are they painful bumps? The bumps and bruises that I have are as though I hit my leg against something (and I know I haven’t). I recently started getting these and I have recently started back on the occasional cooked foods.

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    my body can tolerate simple cooked foods like veggies or rice or other plain grains but after a week in boulder eating fried tortilla chips almost nightly I was so bloated and uncomfortable! fatty cooked food is so hard on my system.. as is alcohol! darn!

  • Sweta – i think Izhpt is talking about cellulite. i used to be anemic when i was a cooked vegetarian and not getting proper nutrition, and i had bruises and bumps like that on my legs. mostly likely, you ARE bumping into things without realizing… you would have been amazed by some of the psychedelic tie-died colored bruises i had and could not for the life of me remember where i’d gotten them. you may want to get your blood checked to make sure you’re not anemic. but just a warning, 99% of nutritionists or doctors in this country will tell you that if you’re anemic you need to eat meat… as long as you have the energy to wash your foods before eating them, greens are absolutely enough in the iron department, so don’t listen.

    kminty – i also tolerate simple cooked foods very well… but for me the problems start when i visit my sister’s family, tiny adorable nephew included! while they eat relatively healthfully by most people’s standards, they are dedicated SAD eaters, and my nephew WILL NOT eat anything good for him but apples. i even made him a bright blue blueberry smoothie, and he somehow knew it was healthy and would have none of it. there is just an insane amount of dairy in that house, and wow if i cave…. i spend the whole time soooo bloated and over-sleeping on the couch. fortunately my body snaps back to normal usually within a day or two of eating raw again! :)

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