Raw Poems?

Just wondering if anyone one had any. =)


  • koolieaidedkoolieaided Raw Newbie

    Here is one I made up… I call it..

    A Moment Of Raw

    Nature’s bliss

    My grocery List


    Lovely fruits and veggies abound

    bueatiful colors do astound

    Loving healing and purity unfold

    I have energy and now stand bold

    Taking moments to stare at the trees

    realizing how I am free

    free from the shackles called food

    eatting only nude

    nude and stripping the pesticles away, no

    artificles color or flavors today

    taking the time to care about me

    even if the means an uncomfortable fee

    loving all things great and small

    being careful to care for them all

    cooked is harmful, but raw is healing

    take a moment to feel what I’m feeling

    energy, truth, and clearity is near.

    take a moment to be raw my dear.

  • Love4LifeLove4Life Raw Newbie

    I saw this post and this is what went off in my head! :) Had to give my two cents worth :> , I don’t even know what i’m calling it yet…lol..

    If I could turn back the clock and start afresh, I would find myself out of the SAD mess!

    If we could’ve listened to God’s wisdom we would all be free, But due to the sin of life we are only now beginning to see…

    So as I journey to health I pray that it gets easier for me, To finally rid myself of ‘garbage’ and eternally be free…


  • koolieaidedkoolieaided Raw Newbie

    that’s a good one christina. I like the pun…lol. very nice.

    You shoudl call it out of SAD into glad

  • Love4LifeLove4Life Raw Newbie

    Thank you koolieaided, I liked yours as well…Thats a good title…lol…I think i’ll use that one :>. I was also thinking of creating cards for the raw community, like holiday or get well etc… just an idea floating around in my head…lol. Anyways, have a Great day!

  • Check out this web site:


  • And here’s one from me…

    RAW NATURE by Herb Ragan

    Degradation hits my soul like a rocket. Deep within the walking corpse of eternity, the smiles, the cries, life continues, but what life. Mindless drones of consumption, of mind, of body.

    Flickers of light on stationary boxes control our every thought and deed, our need, To be loved, accepted, cared for.

    You deserve a break today it says.

    We suckle to the giant teat of consumerism, consumptionism, capitalism. Yes sir, may I have another. Please sir, may I have some more. AND MORE! AND MORE! AND MORE! AND MORE! AND…

    no more.

    eat an apple… take a breath… feel the tao… take a breath

    Evolve by stepping back… Be part of the natural world, stop manipulation, mutilation, degradation.


    listen… live… learn.

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