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I thought this was really cool ;)

“The “world’s first eco nightclub” is due to open later in London with a high-tech danceflooor that generates electricity when danced on.

Surya – Sanskrit for Sun God – which admits cyclists and walkers for free, is the brainchild of property developer Andrew Charalambous, aka Dr Earth, who has invested £1 million of his own cash.

The club in Pentonville Road, Islington, north London, has its own wind turbine and solar energy system and there are plans to donate any surplus electricity to local residents.

The dancefloor uses the concept of piezoelectricity, where crystals and ceramics create a charge to generate electricity and anyone wishing to attend the club has to sign a pledge to work towards curbing climate change.

Meanwhile, the bathrooms have air flush, waterless urinals and low flush toilets and the club will recycle glass, metal, plastic and paper products used in its bar, with Mr Charalambous promising to donate part of the club’s profits to charity.

Conservative Party leader David Cameron, London Mayor Boris Johnson, supermodel Kate Moss and singer Amy Winehouse are rumoured to be among guests at the star-studded official opening.

Mr Charalambous said: “Unless we stop preaching to people and use an inclusive philosophy we’re never going to create the revolution to combat climate change.

“It’s also about creating avenues of thought. Imagine what you could achieve if big corporations adopted this kind of initiative.”

The qualified barrister, who is worth over £100 million, stood as a Conservative parliamentary candidate against the late Labour MP Bernie Grant at the age of 23 and backed Boris Johnson’s successful campaign to become London mayor.

Mr Charalambous continued: “We estimate that if you had loads of clubbers dancing vigorously it would provide 60 per cent of the club’s energy needs.

“With the wind turbines and solar power we aim to provide the energy needs of 14 to 20 local residents. We are the first free energy-donating business in the world.”


  • Wow, very cool!!! Thanks for posting this Zoe! :)

  • Very cool! More businesses should follow!

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