Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse - anyone ever done it?

queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

I was thinking that I have never cleansed my liver or my gallblader and I was reading that your nutrient absorption can be effect if those organs are not clean. I would like the maximum absorption I can out of all these raw foods I am eating.

Someone posted about a book called the Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse and I was wondering if anyone has ever done a cleanse like this.

If so, what is involved in the cleanse and how long is it? Any recommendations?

Apparently people say they pass all these stones – how am I to know if I have any stones at all? Is there anyway I can tell or do I just have to do a cleanse and find out?

If I have any, of course I would like to get of them.


  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    I’ve often wondered the same thing. I’ll be looking out for the reply.

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