Do You Long-Termers CHEAT???

AziahAziah Raw Newbie

I was wondering if you long-term rawists cheat with SAD at all? If so, how often and how long is your “recovery” time? What would be the reason you cheat?

I ask because I, yet again, have cheated with SAD. Oh, I am perfectly content eating a raw diet now and forever…BUT what caused me to cheat was being too busy to prep something for myself. The first time was in a long car drive and just this weekend I cheated because I was so busy running/prepping my hubbys huge bday party that I didn’t have time to even make a salad. I literally went all day without eating then got to a breaking point and just inhaled some picnic foods. They didn’t even taste good…I just ate just to have food in my stomach. But being unprepared seems to be the only reason I would cheat. I am curious about all the rest of you…


  • I’ve been raw for close to two years now, with no intentions of ever going back.. . I never have the desire to cheat; in fact, the idea of cooked foods makes me nautious!! If I’m ever in a situation where raw/organic isn’t available, I fast on water for however long needed… that works best for me. But that’s not to say I frown on anyone for doing the opposite; you gotta do what’s right and most convenient for you, and only you can tell yourself what works best!! :)

    love & light

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    Aziah – I did for the first year. If there was something I wanted, usually at a restaurant, I just ate it. I got more and more daring and never felt bad physically, I would say it was one or two things a week, more when traveling. Never bought cooked food, or cooked at home, the restaurant or traveling was my weakness, and coffee. Which was fun and made me happy, but then I felt like I wasn’t making any progress after a year. Same energy levels, same issues, so for my anniversary I decided to go for it and I followed Zoe and Chris Carlton’s advice, just to see what would happen. Would it make a difference? I’m only a few weeks into it so no miracles yet but I’m committed. I think it’s just a natural progression. You’ve made huge changes already and you’re a Mom. Matt Monarch’s book Raw Success was really helpful for me, and although he says to take it slow and enjoy yourself and your progress, he inspired me, along with Zoe and Chris to kick it up a notch for my raw anniversary.

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