Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.

I’ve noticed that oftentimes people who feed their pets a biologically appropriate diet don’t feed themselves a biologically appropriate diet. I’ve also seen this in reverse.

Example A: Jane Smith loves her cocker spaniel and feeds her dog a carnivorous diet filled with raw meat, bones, organ meats, and the occasional raw egg. However, she feeds herself a cooked chicken breast with rice and frozen veggies for dinner.

Example B: Jack Doe eats a raw vegan diet and insists on feeding that to his family since he thinks it’s the healthiest diet for humans. However, not wanting to inflict more cruelty to animals, he feeds his retriever a processed vegan dog food.

It just seems like both of these clash. If you are feeding your dog a biologically appropriate diet of raw meat, why wouldn’t you feed yourself a biologically appropriate diet of raw fruits, veggies, seeds, and nuts? If you yourself eat a biologically appropriate raw vegan diet, why wouldn’t you want to feed your dog what’s biologically appropriate for him, which is raw meaty bones?

I’m not saying that I’ve seen this on this forum, but I’ve seen it many places. I just think it would make the most sense to feed a carnivorous animal a carnivorous diet and an herbivorous animal an herbivorous diet.

Please give me your feedback and thoughts, I’d love to read them. My above argument is based on the premise that neither dogs nor humans are omnivores. I think biological evidence shows that dogs are carnivores and humans are herbivores. While both species can survive on an omnivorous diet, neither thrive on it.


  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    See my profile, haha! I could’t possibly abuse my cat or dog’s body by forcing it to eat a vegan diet to sooth my own ego. They are not omnivores and I’m really sick of hearing the propoganda and seeing the injuries years down the line from abusively fed animals. Let’s face it, a real hard core vegan does NOT own a pet, so anyone that owns a pet should suck up the fear and loathing and feed it right. I know it can be very upsetting, but that’s the way it goes.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    I am B! My dogs are totally fine with the vegan diet and actually, the longest living dog is vegan. For my cats they are carnivores and I am looking into a raw diet for them. It is pretty upsetting but we are working on it. It’s a transition process for us.

    I disagree with vegans not having companion animals as we need all the people we can to adopt the animals that would otherwise be put down. I know PETA believes in euthanizing pets but I do not. Plus I think there is a not of education and growth in terms of educating others about farm animals, etc when they bond with a cat or dog. All my animals are rescues and I am 100% pro-adoption and spay/neuter to reduce dog and cat overpopulation. I think there is not an easy answer for vegans who take care of animals, it’s either support the animal slaughter or not. How can you choose when you love cows as much as you love dogs?

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    Hi bitt, good points brought up. There should be much more education about cruelty to animals—about everything from the importance of spaying/neutering to the evils of factory farming.
    It’s one thing to eat meat or feed it to your dog, but the means in which these animals are farmed is so unbelievably (and Unneccesarily) hideous. And it’s all about CHOICE. Anyone who eats meat has a choice in supporting the incredibly inhumane corporate factory farms or the small livestock farmer who raises his/her cows, pigs, and chickens free-range in a field with lots of air & sunlight.

    James Cromwell narrates a short video about this on the humane society’s website.
    I’m pasting the link below, but if it opens to their main page just scroll down a little bit (fast) and choose the video titled “Overlooked” (otherwise a different & truly shocking video will start immediately).
    “Overlooked” is the one that JC narrates and it’s about bringing the livestock business back to the small farm where the animals were treated infinitely more humanely.…

    *Warning though—these videos will choke a person up in a very different way than that beautiful Lion video. Some (sorry! Make that ALL!) of the videos on the humane society’s website are very very graphic (or I should say more graphic than others because they are all disturbing, but the truth often is). Frankly I think that all people should see them so they know what is going on, but with due respect to people who have great sensitivity & difficulty handling the intense cruelty I feel I need to warn you!

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