Making seasoned activated nuts

I got my dehydrator and bought some raw nuts. I want to soak to activate and then dehydrate. Anyone have any ideas on how to season?

Do I mix the nuts with some olive oil and seasonings of choice?

Anyone have any seasoning blends they like?



  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    When I make seasoned nuts I dont dehydrate them until they are seasoned.I like chili powder and extra garlic powder and a dash of celtic salt ahd cayenne. Another is maple syrup with cinnamon with a dash of celtic salt. Then dry. The maple syrup will get crunchy. Honey and Agave wont. I only use the last for a Christmas treat.I dont oil them. Dont like the grease.

  • Thank you for the reply, Beany. This is a help. I understand that nutritional yeast gives a cheesy flavor which is what I was really looking for. Something to replace that cheezy, crunchy finger food.

    I found a recipe for Kale chips from Annmarie Gianni on Renegade Health. I'll have to try that with nuts.

    Laura J

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