East Coast, & italiano raw?

Greetings everyone. I’m an East Coast woman athlete aiming to convert to raw ‘as fast yet as gently as possible’. For me, yoga, food & physical activity/fun/sport are related. What do YOU do when you walk out your door and find it’s not so easy finding foods you’d like to eat and good places to find them? I guess I’ll be brown-bagging again after many years. Especially ‘easy’ things like soups, etc. I’m also big on leafy, dark green salads and fruits. And how about raw Italiano?? Not just Italian-American but italian-italian straight outta Roma, Napoli, Firenze, Milano, Torino and points in-between. Your feedback’s welcome. Saluti – e buon appetito!


  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Greetings, marian! We have some raw Italian recipes listed, but now I am curious to know more about food from Italy. What is the difference between this and Italian-American? I am especially curious because I am planning a Europe trip next summer and Italy is at the top of my list for visits.

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