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Here at the Gone Raw studio, we’re planning a visit to Europe next summer. We’re curious to know your thoughts on the easiest countries to eat vegan/raw. That could mean simply finding fresh, organic fruits and vegetables that we can grab and eat or restaurants that you might recommend. Also, are there raw communities/retreats that we might visit? Thanks!


  • Hi, it was really easy eating raw while I lived in Japan. I was there for 3 years(up north in Hachinohe/Aomori) and they had plenty of fruit and vegetable stands everywhere you went. Their sprouts were THE best! They had radishs there that were bigger than the bottom half of my leg! Oh so good! The only thing that was a pain was that it was hard getting the nuts raw. As far as Tokyo goes, it was hard finding the fresh fruit/vegetable stands that were in my town.

  • hi – check out this website – it is about a turned-raw family traveling in europe visiting communities. if you go in the summer it is very easy anywhere in europe. there is a big overlap of edible wild weeds between north america and europe – so there is no problem recognizing and getting your greens – purslane, milk thistle, lambsquarters, mallow, linden tree leaves, etc. and since it is summer you’ll have plenty of fruit and nuts – i’ve seen fig trees in england but of course if you go a bit further south – spain/france/italy/greece – you’ll find more variety (though then you miss out on good blueberries and cherries). as for actually “buying” the food – the cultures of open produce markets are best – there are some of those in england and wales, plenty in spain (more in the south), plenty in france and greece.. the little i’ve been to scandinavia it was pretty sad and expensive. and if you get as far as palestine – i’ll take you to the garden of eden. i’m serious! i know where it is!... (:

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