Produce Wash???????

What do you guys use for produce wash??? Lately, I have been eating mostly organic and not washing it all the time. My mom buys almost all non organic foods although she is trying to get my dad healthier with pasteurized conventional almond butter, whole grain but still junk bread, fruit, and salads. The salads are made out of organic greens usually but has a lot of junk salad dressing on it.

So, I read that most veggie cleaners do not remove pesticides…any that do??

I also read that you used to be able to peel it, now there is so much on them and in the ground, the plant soaks up these chemicals

Thanks, Shawn


  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    The plants water supply is filled with chemicals, so the plant drinks them up. They aren’t applied topically anymore. You can’t peel it – most produce is treated with pesticides and herbicides in the water.

    The exception might be fruit trees, where produce is sprayed since it’s more difficult for a tree to absorb the chemicals in large quantities? This is a guess, don’t take my word on it.

  • Certain fruit trees are lower in pesticides, like oranges, grapefruit, lemons, and limes. They have such a thick skin, that you can peel off a lot of the chemicals. Bananas have a thick skin too, but I wouldn’t buy non-organic bananas unless they are grown in the US(like apple bananas can be.) Bananas out of the country are sprayed with hardcore tarantula pesticides and even peeling doesn’t remove enough of this poison.

    I don’t get why our country allows chemical pesticides to be used at all, now that we are all aware of the dangers.

  • Seems like they are trying to kill us….a lot of our problems would be solved if the USDA and the FDA actually cared about people’s health. Feeding pork chops to heart surgery patients and such. Not right.

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