Where to buy organic Watermelon????

I am really craving a HUGE organic watermelon, to eat all by myself. I think when I go shopping, I will buy a conventional one because it is good and I do not eat much non organic food anyway.


  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Two grocery stores in my town sell them. I’m guessing yours don’t?

  • Where do you live? I’m in Northern California and Lunardi’s is selling them for 39 cents a lb. Farmer’s Markets should have some too.

  • Forgot to mention that. Live in Michigan, near Midland. I found that Meijers (if you live in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana or Illinois) has the BEST prices on organic produce. Very good prices. They have cantaloupe and its on sale right now, organic cantaloupe 2 four $5.00. They do not have watermelon and it seems like most the farmers around here have conventional produce. Although, I was told that the farmers market on Thursday in Mt. Pleasant sells some organic stuff… I need to go there.

    About conventional watermelon, it probably is not that bad is it?? Just, it does not taste as good as organic.

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