Calnutriant Ratio(Non 80/10/10)

I’m a relatively new raw foodist, approximately 4 months, and I use to be an 80/10/10 follower, but then I realized it just wasn’t working out for my body. I would have to eat enormous amounts of fruit, or just food in general, to take in the sufficient amount of calories needed to sustain my weight (Approx. 5lbs of food at a meal)! It’s not like I’m a bodybuilder by any means, so I just don’t know how some people (such as marathon runners or other athletes) can do it. After reading up on the more, I guess you would call it ‘Generic Raw Foodiest’, I began juicing in the morning (Green Apple, Celery, Kale, Cucumber Juice, and Blend with Pineapple Slice & David Wolfe’s amazing Greens Blend)32oz; having a Salad & Soup or whatever I like for lunch; and a massive salad for dinner. The difference is now I take in a higher ratio of fats, from such things as Oils, Nuts, or Etc (Avocado, Cacao, Seeds), and feel full, without eating enormous amounts of food. - I’m 5’11, 122lbs (I know Skinny, but healthy :) and am currently taking in about 1150-1250Kal a day about a 60/30/10 – Carb/Fat/Pro Ratio. Now it’s working for me, but I just don’t know if I’m taking in too Much Fat… It would help me immensely if others would share there calnutriant ratio, who are also not 80/10/10, and what they usually eat throughout the Day 


  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    I have never really calculated my ratios, as I follow more of a ‘eat what my body wants’ raw diet, more intuitive I guess. Some days all I want is fruit, some days all I want is greens/veggies, and some days I eat more nuts/fats/oils than others. It really depends.

    80/10/10 is controversial, but I don’t think it has to be. The bottom line is that every person’s body is just a little different, so one food regimine won’t work for every person. Some do great on 80/10/10, and others do better with something different.

    If you are worried about too much fat, you might want to calculated it on a website life, or similar to make sure you are comfortable with your intake.

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