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The funniest thing....

I thought this was very funny.

I have been mostly raw for sometime now, it was about a couple months ago, that we were moving a piano out of these people’s house. They were giving it to us for the scrap metal. I picked up one end of the piano by myself when moving it (it was an upright).

They were amazed at my age and such (17) and lifting pianos. They said, “Man this guy is strong! What do you feed him?” I”I was to eat like he does.”

I did not tell them that I eat raw fruits and veggies. I also did not tell them that I had beed juice fasting for three days as of that day and felt fine. People do not understand fasting.


  • hey!! another 17 year old on here!! yaa that is definitely quite funny. I’ve also noticed major improvements while working out everyday with my bro! :) go raw food!!!

  • piano for scrap metal ??? amother part of my heart dies :o(

    use cars for scrap metal ….give the piano to someone to enrich their lives with love and music

  • bahahah I also find it funny that rawism was the thing that saved me, made me not afraid of food and gave me all of this energy to ride my bike and do my phd work and run around all day yet my skinny frame and raw status gets judged by ‘worried’ semi-overweight friends who take their cars everywhere, eat junk and are always sick!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    i didn’t know pianos were made of metal!!

  • too true…i guess little parts are….well, it’s still bad :o)

  • No,

    My dad (we) repair pianos. Also player pianos. He tunes pianos. This one was unrepairable. In that case, we take any usable parts off and burn it (makes a big fire). Then when we take a load to the scrap metal yard, we throw on the piano frames too… they are heavy.

  • Trust ME

    This piano CANNOT enrich anyones lives, it was really bad. Worth scrap metal, and thats all.

  • fair play, bruv :o) ... i guess if anyone would know it would be you

    peace, love and sweet fruit

    elliot :o)

  • el-bo…...are you left handed?

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    That’s a great story!

    staraw – I love how you put it! :)

  • el-bo……are you left handed?

    Wow! I would have never noticed! It does look like el-bo must be left handed! LOL! Good observation, shgadwa! Haaa haaaa haaa!

  • ha, great observation on the left handed guitar playing. i do two things left handed: guitar and pool (billiards). weird how that stuff works!

  • Yes….El-bo said on another thread though, that he was not left handed…its the webcam that makes it look like that….

    An optical illusion?

    Neat though.

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