Melitarianism: A Concept for All Bee-gans

Okay, okay. I must admit that I am a major vocabulary whiz. I have always had a very strong passion for more sophisticated language, and the portmanteau that I am proposing is certainly no exception. I looked on a Greek dictionary and discovered that “meli” means honey. I thought it might make since to call those of us rawies or others who do consume honey and bee products to be called “melitarians”. Now, this does not imply that a melitarian would not be conscious in his/her choices between different bee products. A melitarian would hold the bee in utmost respect, making sure that the honey and pollen were gently, ethically, and humanely harvested. Also, that the honey were local in order to maintain biodiversity, local economy, and to cut down on fossil fuel usage therefore greenhouse gas emmissions. Anyway, just an idea, but tell me what you think…


  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    i like it! I always feel wierd if I say I’m vegan because I do use raw honey and bee pollen. Mostly because unlike agave and maple I know honey is raw.. and also because as a kapha (in ayurvedic) they recommend eating honey daily..

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