NYC Raw Restaurants

So I’m going to be in NYC next week and I know there are a number of raw restaurants there… I’m just curious as to what some of the favorites are! I’m going to be with my mom, who knows little to nothing about raw food, and I want her first experience with it to be a good one so she doesn’t think I’m being deprived… or think I’m crazy!


  • Hi KathyKath,

    I brought a post up to the top for you to see, here’s a link in the event you miss it it is an amazing post that gives information on all the raw restaurants. Have a great trip!

    My favorites so far are Quintessence and Pure Food and Wine. They are the only ones I have been to. I have been to PF&W 3 times and Quintessence once. I loved the food at both, but PF&W is just such a beautiful place and experience that I truly love going. I love their lasagna the best, but I have had most things on the menu. The classic sundae is also to die for and don’t miss it.

  • Thank you! That link was very helpful :-) I think I might take your word for it and try Pure Food and Wine… I have heard good things about it before!

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