what is the html code to post links to other sites, like if i wanted to post a link in one of my recipes to another recipe? i tried to google search it but all the sites i got were too confusing! thanks in advance :-)


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    I had to violate the rules in the above example so they would appear for you to see them. The spaces ARE NOT suppose to be included for it to function properly.


    1. The link description must have a double quotation at the beginning and the end.

    2. The website address must be directly preceded by the colon.

    3. There can be no space between the quote at the end of your link name and the colon.

    4. There can be no space after the colon and before your website address


    DESCRIPTION OF LINK = This is my profile


    Results: This is my profile

    In order to get the webpage address, go to that webpage and highlight the complete web address. Once it is highlighted, press CTRL+C to copy it to your clipboard. To paste it, place your cursor where you want it to begin (after your : in the above example), and then press CTRL+V to paste it in.

    Although I have years of software experience, I know nothing about HTML. I figured this out from one of Kandace’s previous posts. It made me so proud to learn this simple trick. And now, I have passed it on to you. Growth is wonderful.

  • Much easier than I thought! Thank you!!

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    Great detective work and description, Meditating.

    For the shorthand of what is available on this site as far as formatting options, in the Edit window, simply look to the right of the white text box, in the green section under Formatting Help. One can make text bold, italic,

    indented (to quote someone),

    howto for posting website links,

    • and bulleted list
    1. or
    2. numbered list.

    The summary is always there when posting a new post or editing an existing post. Happy formatting.

    PS. You can also mix and match the different formatting, like making something bold italic. Fun to get creative… :)

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    Meditating~ Did you type something in invisible ink? heeheehee

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    I posted a question. After looking at it on the screen rather in my head I realized the oh so obvious answer and was too embarrassed to leave it up there,

    Then I forgot I could delete the post and instead just edited it down to a period. I need to go to sleep. I am running on empty and am so tired I can’t get there. I wish I could save myself.

    PS – Whatever happened to Raw Jim? I miss his kitty-pirate face. I looked all over the web for a copy of that guy but couldn’t find it. It always made me smile.

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    Meditating~ To funny on the “period only” post. I miss Raw Jim and Pyrate Kitty also. Kitty brought a chuckle to my heart when he was around. I don’t know what happened. :( When he was active, he had his website in his profile. I once visited it (bummer I didn’t keep the link)... interesting… maybe someone went to his site and slammed him… that would be sad. If you search for him, search on “pyrate kitty” not pirate kitty. That might get you to him. If you do find him, tell him he is missed.

    When you wake up tomorrow (or is it later today for you…) check on the kombucha thread for a surprise… :)

    Time to turn off the computer for you… Sweet dreams.

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