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Wisdom teethe??

I guess I have three wisdom teethe popping up, only three. Dentist says I will not have room. I have pondered on this issue here…. I hate surgery and I am not about to let them just remove my teethe. God gave them to be. It is a blessing, I think.

So, anyone else had problems with wisdom teethe? How do you go about it? Anyone here that did not get them pulled when teh doc said they should?


  • heathermarsbombheathermarsbomb Raw Newbie

    Yeah, I got all 4 of my impacted wisdom teeth removed last summer (almost a year to the day actually).

    I wont lie, it sucked. They almost broke my jaw and I had such severe TMJ from the surgery that I could not eat solid food for 3 weeks.

    I waited 10 years to get them out, I could not stand the pain any longer. They were messing up my sinuses and giving me migraines that were horrible.

    Im glad they are finally out but man it sucked.

    Good luck to you. Dont let it go for too long if they bother you!!!!!!

  • I actually got mine out 2 days ago and yes it sucked and yes it was a lot of money (thankfully insurance covered most of it) but really worth it. It is basically inevitable that your wisdom teeth with mess your mouth up when you get older and the surgury is even worse then. I am 18 getting mine out just having seen my dad at 54 loose 3 of his other teeth because he never got his wisdom teeth removed and the surgury to fix his mouth after the fact put him out of work for 2 weeks whereas me getting them out as a preventative measure has only put me out 3 days. Evolution can be a bitch sometimes but really they are more harm to our mouths now than good so your best bet is to get them out now before they start affecting the rest of your teeth.

    Plus, it was a great reason to try out new raw soup and ice cream recipes!

  • Evolution…......?

    What is evolution?

  • Paxton SquiggledyPaxton Squiggledy Raw Newbie

    Like you, I had only three. The upper two came in a bit on the brittle side. (This was 18 years ago, mind you, and I was still SAD.) Didn’t take long for them develop cavities and start crumbling. They had even had infections a few times, and I never had anything done about it. (Skeered.) Dentist told me to have them cut out. I waited for 10 years to do that. By that time, one had broken off down to the gum line exposing nerve, and the other had broken in half exposing nerve. The pain had been there for years, but it was finally so intense that I couldn’t bear it anymore, and had them removed.

    One had to be removed surgically, the other was pulled in the conventional fashion. Different visits. No solid food for a week, nothing hot or cold. No drinking through a straw. No dry socket. No pain during recovery either time, so no need for pain meds. Just the feeling of bruising at the extraction site. I was so happy to have them gone!

    But the suffering was for years. I regret that I didn’t have them removed when the dentist told me I should. Suffering with those teeth didn’t make me any stronger, it only wasted time, and kept me from enjoying myself. It didn’t help my relationship with the Lord either. But I can say that I did talk to him alot…

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    She meant that as a result of evolution, our mouth is too small to accommodate wisdom teeth. In prehistoric times, we had bigger heads/mouths and wisdom teeth were able to fit in our jaw comfortably. You believe in evolution, right?

  • What reason do I have to believe in evolution. I have STUDIED (I mean studied) it out throughly. I find no facts to support it. Studying has increased my faith in the Lord, however.

  • I don’t want to turn this into an argument about creationism v. evolution, but I think there is scientific proof that the human race has changed (evolved) over time, and those changes include such things as head size and shape. Whether you believe those earlier humans evolved from primates or were created within seven days by God is up to you. Just my two cents.

  • ummmmm shgadwa please tell me you are kidding. The reason we have wisdom teeth is because back in the day most people would lose some of the teeth in their mouth due to enviromental conditions and the wisdom teeth would then replace them. Now Most of us do not need “spare” teeth so often times there is just not enough room with out causing pain. And just so you know you can believe in evolution and still believe in God(like I Do) Sorry if this offends anyone this is just my opinion. Ill go away now

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    shgadwa, If you have indeed studied evolution out thoroughly, it appears that you were just baiting folks for a debate by asking what evolution is!

    As this is in the being raw category, let’s not let this thread turn into an evolution/creation debate. Thanks so much for your understanding and respect.

    Cheers, Kandace

  • kandace you are sooo right sorry I even said anything. Peace and love man peace and love lol!

  • No, I am not interested in arguing right now… but thanks for pointing that out. I jsut really want truth. If anyone however, wants to discuss creation vs. evolutionism with me, I would appreciate it.

    Email me


  • People ARE entitled to their own opinions. If anyone wants to tell me why they believe what they believe, I am VERY interested in changing my beliefs. once I see some evidence for evolution that I cannot deny,

    Also, just a not too, according to the bible, being a ‘Christian’ is NOT about just plain jane believing in God. It is not about going to church. And it even is not about paying your taxes or helping people out. So much as it is about constantly repenting and rededicating your life to Christ. It is about serving Jesus. If you say you are a Christian but do not do what the bible tell s you to do and you say that the bible is wrong. And/ or you do things of the world, then you make God a liar.

    PLEASE, no offense. That is just scripture.

    Yeah, please email me….. I would not want to talk about how our ancestors ate raw food just yet here ;).

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    Back to the wisdom teeth! I was having major pain and my dentist told me I need them all out (even though I only had pain on the bottom) and he removed one. It was HELL. Truly. Athough it only lasted a week. It was so bad that I decided to keep the remaining three. Since removing the one, I’ve had no pain at all, so I guess it relieved pressure. One unpleasantry of wisdom teeth is that they made my previously straight teeth a little crooked. I don’t know if removing them would’ve changed that. I personally believe that wisdom teeth were put there for a reason, so it’s best to leave them UNLESS there’s pain. Too often dentists have them removed purely for profit.

  • “Back to the wisdom teeth!”

    Ah yes!

    Yes, I agree, doctors are the same way. As long as they can make money.

    Thanks for the help. I would like to leave all of them in because I need all the wisdom I can get.

  • “I would like to leave all of them in because I need all the wisdom I can get.”

    That’s what I say! :)

  • I am 43 and have all of my teeth including the wisdom teeth. I have had my teeth cleaned at the college before. Teacher calls students to come over and look in. I guess I look like a gator…..And I guess having all your teeth must not be that common if she’d call students to come over and take a look.

    I kind of wish that I had had teeth removed when I was younger. My mouth is crowded and you would never guess that I once wore braces for two years when I was a teenager. It’s hard to get floss in sections.

    I can imagine that plucking wisdom teeth wouldn’t be on the top of the list of things a dentist would want to do. There are probably easier ways to make money.

    Raw foodism goes very much hand in hand with belief in God. Personally I believe that God made our bodies to be self healing and the fruits and vegetables contain everything we need to stay healthy. After being 50% or greater raw for the past two years I find myself to be very healthy. And some people do confuse me for a twenty something.

  • have_merseyhave_mersey Raw Newbie

    I have all of mine pushing through in weird places. I don’t believe in surgery, and do not have the money anyway. So there they shall stay. I’m curious to see what mine does resultingly. I think that we are capable of healing anything with the right utensils from nature. SO…We shall see.

    I may have imagined it, but It does seem like one of the top two has shifted around where it was crowded. Like I said I may have imagined it or be mistaken. But you know what I do KNOW? Everytime I have to drink city water they immediately start aching and pushing through(QUITe noticeably, even after a day). I don’t know if it is hormones or chemicals in the water, but something is not right.

  • I waited 15 years to have them taken out (I had been told that it would be very hard, nerve damage, in hospital etc etc, so didn’t.). Finally this year I was having problems with them (one was in sideways, one almost upside down with a cavern between it and other teeth, where there was rot….), so I had them all pulled, with local anesthesia. It was unpleasant, but I need all my other teeth and don’t want to lose them too. I have no regrets about waiting, my father died with his wisdom teeth in his mouth, I thought I would too, but if they’re causing you pain or prejudicing your other teeth you may want to reevaluate your decision.

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