Zucchini Chips???

I want to make some zucchini chips, as well as sweet potato chips, I am not into soy and currently do not have any sea salt…. can I still make chips??

What do I do to season them?


  • hey, i just got done dehydrating both of these things and they turned out yum! for both i just cut them very very thin and seasoned the zucchini chips this way: olive oil, nutritional yeast, ground sesame seeds, sea salt (brags would work too), curry powder. you just throw the cut zucchini in a bowl, add a lil bit of olive oil to coat (not to much) and then add the seasoning, mix, and throw in the dehydrator. mine dehydrated for 24+ hours because we are very humid in jersey and it really messes with drying times. as for the sweet potato chips, again, cut as thin as possible and in a bowl, coat with a lil bit of olive oil, and then season how you like: i did chili powder, garlic powder, sea salt, onion powder and oregano, which a couple pinches of nutritional yeast. they turned out sooooooooooooooooooo good!!

  • When I did my zucchini chips, they took forever, and turned clear… is this normal? I thought maybe I had done them too thin, but it looks like I was supposed to. Hmmmm….

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