The 26 Week Summer Body Building Challenge

The 26 Week Summer Body Building Challenge

Venue: Fruitarian Fitness Forum

Starting 21st June

Alright folks time to stop playing and forget about the diet and get serious about the fitness.

This challenge is for those that have had enough and want to build up some muscle in a big way/tone up and finally get that body beautiful, this has nothing to do with food or staying raw, this is strictly all about the fitness.

Guidelines for Before & after photo’s

Can be taken with close fitting clothes.

Pose 1. Front Pose 2. Side Pose 3. Back (Optional)

Before and after photo’s are mandatory, all completed blogs with photo’s will go to the before and after section so have your before photo’s ready either at the beginning or at the end of the challenge!


  • Sounds fun! If I figure out how to create a blog, I think I’ll join the challenge.

  • hey..I’m doing it! ... creating a blog over on F1’s site “”; is sooooo easy…I just got mine set up yesterday- took less than 5min… peace ~Heather

  • This sounds great…do I sign up as part of the president’s challenge?

  • naomitnaomit Raw Newbie

    Is this still happening?

  • MinasjeMinasje Raw Newbie

    I'm new, how do I join this challenge?

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