Body odor....?

I still do stink if I sweat too much and I do not wear deodorant. I think it is not as bad as it used to be but if I sweat a lot, the smell comes out…

So, do any of you currently wear deodorant? Is there anything I can do about my smell besides using salt, or fasting? I hear that eventually, you do not smell as much, teh more you sweat and the more toxins you eliminate. I need to sweat more.

Obviously wash ;)

I do that.


  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Shgadwa, here’s a recent thread that offers a number of suggestions:

    I personally use a deodorant salt stick. It’s about $8 a stick here in Georgia, and my first stick has lasted more than a year.

  • If you stink, then you should consider wearing a deoderant to not offend people around you.

    I don’t want to smell anyone’s B.O.

    I’m not sure how long it takes for the B.O. to go away. If you eat meats or dairy, it’s not going to go away.

  • I have to say that I agree with itourist. I completely understand the reasons not to use the regular deodorants with all of the chemicals, etc…. however being around some who smells is terrible. I would recommend looking at some natural alternatives. Good luck. Peace, Karuna

  • Paxton SquiggledyPaxton Squiggledy Raw Newbie

    My Mom stopped needing deodorant after maybe 6 weeks on 100% raw vegan diet.

    Alas, she’s SAD again. But she’s got her Right Guard and her Left Guard on.

    After being consistently 100% raw for a couple of weeks, my underarms don’t get nearly as funky as before when sweating. I still use the deodorant during the weekdays, because of school and work. But on those Saturdays when I don’t have to leave the house, it’s no deodorant.

    A cousin uses baking soda under her arms. She says that she is allergic to deodorant. Never tried it myself. Due to a problem with this site’s automatic linking code, I had to take out the prefix. So, copy the address, paste it into your browser, add a www. to the front, and hit enter. Viola!

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