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Need some TLC!!!

Today was one of “those” days… Picked up my contacts at the eye doc, went to the local dime store and purchased half gallon, quart, half pint glass jars and extra lids… Filled up the car with “gas” drove to the winery to pick blackberries… YEA!!! It had rained and the berries were more beautiful than ever… I picked until I could pick no more because of darkness… Went to my sons and left his family 8 quarts, they had a bushel of ambrosia corn for me, YEA!!! My beautiful daughter-in-law carried the corn to my car as my son wasn’t home from work, missed seeing him… Stopped at the grocery for spinach and ginger then headed home… Carried in the blackberries (3 gallon), the groceries, lifted that bushel of corn and barely made it up onto the porch… I turned and my left ankle gave way, as I attempted to restablize myself, I FELL OFF THE PORCH and my left ankle twisted in ways it shouldn’t have =terrible pain and immediate swelling… I also turned my right ankle, landed on my right knee and hurt my hip…

I’m back from the ER (drove myself) and luckily it isn’t broken but it is truly messed up and soooo big… They gave me a pain pill- didn’t work!!! A boot to stablize the ankle and crutches that I first refused until I tried to stand 3 hours after the fall… The crutches really help but the problem is, my good leg is also hurt as previously mentioned… AND not only does my ankle hurt on the ourside but also on the inside as well as my arch, toes and the little bones on top of my foot feel like knife blades or ice picks piercing…

So now not only do I have to put up the berries, the corn, I also had purchased plums yesterday that I am trying to sun dry and it has been overcast with some spotty rain…AND I had a message from a lady I met last week… She has at least a bushel of roma tomatoes for me if I would share my recipes for pickles from my “previous life” LOL

Thanks for listening as I needed someone to talk to, it is 4:45 am and I am dying in pain!!!


  • oh sweetie, that is horrible!! a very similar thing happened to me 3 weeks ago and i still have a swollen ankle and am in pain. it’s all very un-fun! ((big healing hugs))

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    WATERBABY If I was nearby, I would come over and assist you and also bring you a raw pie. It sounds like you had a lovely day otherwise and, luckily, you didn’t crack your head open or break your leg.

    While I have no medical training, I think if you keep your ankle elevated it will help the swelling although it might actually increase the pain. Whenever something like this happens to me, I always like to remind myself that if this is the worst thing that ever happens to me it will be smooth sailing from now on.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    I’m so sorry you had a fall. Your day sounded so fantastic up to that point. I’ll be thinking of you in the next several days as you begin to mend. I frequently fall (bad ankles), but have been lucky enough to not do any real damage. Usually either an ankle or knee is swollen for a while. I’m sure the ER suggested cold packs / heating pad / elevating. I’m always tempted to baby those joints too long. At 62 I find that even sitting too long makes my joints a little stiff. It’s always seemed important for me to use those joints some even as they repair. I try to listen to my body, and require just a tiny bit more than it seems to want to give. All of this assumes, of course, that there is no break or tear. Be good to yourself, and know that you’re being thought of.

  • waterbaby12347-How are you? Oh, I just saw that you posted this only 5 hrs. ago! Well you must still be in pain or hopefully you are getting some rest. I wish I could run over there and help you with the produce. I know that not being able to take care of the berries and such must be worse than the pain. I hope your family will help. Take care! I have heard that banana peel bandages can help with bruising? I’ve never actually tried it. Of course bruising is most likely the least of your worries right now.

  • Wow, THANKS everyone for your wonderful advise and sentiments!!! Yes I am in PAIN and am trying to find someone in my remote area to pickup my prescription and drop it off… So far no luck, thank goodness I have Advil on hand, not that it is doing much good…

    The un-funny thing is trying to go to the bathroom, ankle wont bend and lowering myself down to the toilet without “leaking” is a real chore!!! LOL I did get some sleep between 6 am and 8:30 am…

    My daughter works nights and lives 50 miles away… My son is an electrition and is working about 75 miles away… You know living alone in the boonies isn’t so wonderful when you need help… all my girlfriends work but one and she isn’t close by either… So THANKS again for being my family and giving me your love!!!

  • oh.. I’m sorry for what happened!!! Get better soon!! That reminds me of when I broke my clavicle earlier this year.. Not a fun time at all. The pain will go with time, though, so hang in there!

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    I’m so sorry, waterbaby:*( CAn any of your grandchildren come to help you?On your prescription, maybe you can call around to pharmacies to see if any will deliver. If you find one, you can call your doc and have them call in the prescription. I know they already wrote you one, but they can dump that, I think. A lot of stores that will deliver meds don’t advertise it, so call around. Is your fresh food you picked spoiling?

  • Chelsey I am trying to hang and Alix my only grandchild old enough to drive has a job!!! I did phone my doc and am waiting to see if he will call my RX in… We shall see….

    As far as the fresh food goes… Somehow I managed to get the blackberries bagged and into the freezer… I am trying to figure out how to take care of the corn… It is so hard trying to carry equipment outside using crutches… I believe once I get the knife, pan, and a container for the shucks and cobs all carried out, I will be OK… HOPEFULLY!!! But then there is the reverse of that and the pan will be full of corn, oh my that will be a balancing act… Not to mention the sticky mess all over my hands… LOL

    I still have to pickup or have someone after their work, to bring the Roma’s… A woman’s work is never done!!! I just feel so lucky to have the problem of so many fresh foods to store away for later AND that I didn’t break my neck, arm or hip or any other part… LOL

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Good thoughts coming your way.

  • awwww. love and hugs. : ) you ARE right, a woman’s work is never done! And it’s good to be thankful it wasn’t worse. Speedy recovery to you. I’m with Meditating, I wish I was in your neck of the woods. : )

    shout out: anybody in kentucky that can help waterbaby??? (that is where you are right?)

  • sending poistive thoughts you rway for a quick recovery WB!

  • I had a similar problem a couple weeks ago…..

    We were renting a bob cat and my dad got it stuck (by accident). He wanted to continue working…. So, rented another bobcat.

    While I was in front of the sharp bucket of one of the bobcats,,,,he was operating the other bobcat and he ran into my right ankle. My ankle was squished between the two buckets. It really hurt. I had two bad cuts, one on each side. One side had a big puncture in it.

    Anyhow, I do not like hospitals and thought it was really fine (though it hurt like crazy). My dad insisted that I get it x-rayed (radiation). So, they did that and it was not broken, though badly bruised and such.

    It healed up in record time though…. I was RUNNING about five days later. Maybe six. I am convinced it was not broken, and it healed up fast, because of raw food,a dn wheat grass juice and such and such.

    And, FYI, I love him dearly, my dad did not do that on purpose. He felt terrible.

  • Also, again…I make no money for saying this but Dr. Schulze’s Formulas are the best I have seen and he has a formula called deep tissue oil. It will help you heal, a broken toe literally overnight it is so powerful. I wish I had some left, we had used all of it and if I placed a order for more, it would not of arrived in time.

    But, you should call 1-800-HERBDOC or go to www.herbdoc.com to order some Deep tissue oil. IT IS POWERFUL and you will heal up FAST.

    To add to deep tissue oil, you should be doing hot and cold hydrotherapy. Both, in the shower (3-5 minutes hot, 1-2 minutes cold….or at least 1 minute hot, 1 cold) and in two big pots, or two 5 gallon buckets…whatever works. One pot is hot water (as hot as tolerable) the other is cold water (with lots of ice in it). This will help A LOT.

    Also, is it bruised, cut, or just sprained?? If it is just a sprain, you should be better in 1-3 days. If it is bruised or cut, you should be putting some kind of herbal poultice on it.

  • i just had a bad fall myself down a flight of subway stairs….bloody nose, cut up black eye, bruises all over my body and the lovely twisted left ankle….THANK GOODNESS it wasn’t worse than it was, and i’ve been mending faster than i usually do as i doubled up on green smoothies for a few days and RESTED.although this was awfully unsettling and disturbing to be temporarily disabled, i actually really enjoyed watching the proccess of healing unfold, your body really is miraculous!i’m sending a really warm thought your way and wishing you the fastest possible recovery.

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Waterbaby, we haven’t heard from you in a while. I hope this means you are taking good care of yourself and beginning to mend. You’ve been on my mind a lot this weekend. Please let us know how you are doing.

  • aww waterbaby..i broke my hand in car accident few months ago.. i hear you, and hang in there.. soon you will feel much better ;)

  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    Hey kentucky aka waterbaby, you ok? seems you havent posted in a bit and folks are gittin’ skairt….please give as a holler just so we know you arent layin’ in the paw paw patch covered with chiggers… remember i have folks there in ‘tucky, (might be near you) that could give you a hand….xoxo

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Waterbaby—I see you’re online this morning. Hope this means you are better. Let us hear from you.

  • Hello All, You are soooooooo wonderful!!! Thanks for all the kindness and caring, can’t tell you how much each and everyone of you mean to me!!! The crutches are in the corner, going unused… YEA!!! The pain and the swelling persists but better… YEA!!!

    One by one I managed to preserve each of my food products and have been able to pick more and get them up for later use… Getting ready to head out the door to get apples, peaches and more corn… Tomatoes, cantaloupe and corn are in the newest addition to my equipment, a real live dehydrator…. The “D” and vacuum sealer have been working in high gear all week so that’s why I haven’t taken the time to post…

    Didn’t mean to make YOU worry!!! Sure is nice to know I have a wonderful group of friends who really care and will go to great lengths to prove it!!! Right meditating??? And Rosemary???

    Thanks again to YOU,all my RAW friends!!!

    Omshanti~ Are your people located in the Bluegrass Region??? Versailles is between Louisville and Lexington, not too far from Frankfort (the State Captial)... If they need some corn, I know where I can get them some… Give me shout… GRIN

  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    my folks are in louisville, bardstown and etown… glad you are on the mend!;0)

  • Omshanti, are you in San Diego now? I looked at your website and saw that you have a couple of markets coming up in San Diego. I would LOVE to come buy from you! I’m in Hillcrest. You can check out my website, too, if you’d like, just in case you need some superfoods for your goodies. It’s www.NobleLifeElements.com/elementary

    I was actually thinking of checking out the Hillcrest Farmers Markets on Sundays to see if it would be worth bringing some items there to sell. I NEVER could have imagined having the means for a little business I could call my own but, I had an almost identical situation as yours… 39 years old, achy, out of shape, thought I was eating healthy, until a friend turned me on to raw! WOW, it was an immediate change! It’s only been a couple of weeks and I have experienced so many amazing changes. I was so tuned in that I joined up with Elements for Life as a distributor within about two weeks! Of course, detoxing is NOT always joyful but, knowing my body is being fed the way it was intended is awesome! I’m loving the journey and I am so excited to know you are also being blessed with abundance!

    By the way, I looked at your profile because I saw that your parents are in KY. I lived in Radcliff/E-Town when I was stationed at Fort Knox! Small world, huh? I can never remember what posts are where so, if you do have some events coming up in San Diego, you can email me the info at slcogliano@yahoo.com.

    Cheers! :D

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