Car Ride

I am going on an 18 hour car ride tomorrow and I usually get nausious for some reason. I was wondering if anyone had some good traveling tips. Anything would be greatly appreciated!


  • Maybe try putting some ginger juice in water?

  • SatchySatchy Raw Newbie

    Ginger always helps my tummy. Perhaps a recipe with ginger or fresh ginger to nibble on might help.

    Also, not raw but I love Reed’s Premium Ginger Brew for nauseousness. I got terribly sick from a boat ride once and one swig worked wonders.

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    Reed’s Ginger Brew is quite good and can help with nausea, but if you want another nice ginger drink that doesn’t have carbonation you might want to try “Ginger Soother” by The Ginger People.

    You can also brew some homemade ginger tea by seeping fresh sliced ginger root in hot water, straining it after some good seep time, and adding raw honey (or other sweetener… if you like it sweet)...
    Good Luck!

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