Heating in the Sun

Hi Guys,

How long would you say it takes to heat things up in the sun?

Burgers, Teas etc.


  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    depends on how intense the sun is and how warm it is outside, I leave out suntea to brew on a day that is in the 80s and sunny and it normally only takes a few hours for it to brew. If you are just trying to “warm” things, if there is constant intense sun on it, maybe an hour.

  • Thanks so much.. i was very interested in the tea as I am still drinking normal green tea daily and want to do it Raw.. I tried Sunburgers today with a splatter screen cover and they got nice and brown within a few hours

  • i use the sun almost excursively for my raw creations. crackers, tortillas, granola.. you name it – i live in northern palestine in the mountains. weather similar to san francisco – but in the summer when it’s not raining most of north american will be fine for sun dehydrating. not only that my friend in new mexico in the winter was making crackers simply by putting them next to the window – the air was so dry – the temperature was of less significance.

    so some tips:
    • bring things inside or cover them during the night so they don’t get wet from dew.
    • if you plan to make completely dry crackers – i find that fermentation just enhances the flavor.
    • if you don’t want the fermented flavor – the trick is to get it dry enough in the first day – so start early enough to be able to flip the crackers or burgers and get a few hours sun on each side. this way – even if they are not completely dry – they will most likely not ferment – you can put them in the fridge at night if you want to absolutely guarantee non-fermenatation.
    • you can use banana leaves instead of evil dupont’s teflex.. thick nylon works as good and is much cheaper. simply spread the nylon on a table in your yard or on your roof – with laundry clips hold it on the table so it doesn’t fly – then pour you fruit/leather tortilla/cracker-batter or granola or sunflower crisps.. etc. minimize plastic-touching time by starting very early and then flip as soon as top drys.
    • for savory things i do not find a fly or insect problem – for sweet stuff i put it on the roof for direct sun and almost no flys come – if you have a problem – cover it all with a net.
    • you can see pictures of me drying a big tortilla (or lafa in the local jargon) at this page
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