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amysueamysue Raw Newbie

A few weeks ago I had picked up some veggies at the farm and that night I pulled out a head of kale. At first I noticed it was a different variety than any I had ever seen. It was short and squat like a cabbage. Then I looked at the leaves. They were a light powdery blue with perfectly symmetrical veins like water fountains. I kept thinking, what has happened to me that I’m standing here mesmerized by a kale, but it was one of the most beautiful things I had every seen. Kale.

Last week I was walking out of a store in the evening and as I walked to my car I looked up at the sky. There were these puffy clouds, matte and flat in a color that was like nothing I had ever seen before in nature, a deep periwinkle and they were set against slashes of pink sky. I stood there in the middle of the parking lot thinking, have I just never noticed, or is this the most beautiful sky ever?

This week I was taking garbage out to the can outside and this glow of red caught my eye. One of my rose bushes had started forming hips and there was this one that was the brightest plumpest shiny red.

Is this life through raw colored glasses?


  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    I would think it is a sign of serenity and self contentment. When you have those things you tend to notice the beauty in simple things more often. You also were in the present because if your brain was in the past or future the beauty you saw may not have ever registered with you.

    I’s a good thing. Enjoy.

  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    I know what you mean. Once but I was not raw but playing around with organic and vegan meals, dont know if that had anything to do with it. But I was leaving work and when I walked out the door I was surrounded by a deep golden glow. The sky the light everything around me was emcompaced by it. I stood there in awe of it. I have never seen it before or since. A once in a life time feeling I think. When that happens I think you just can’t help but stand there frozen in time. Something that will never be forgotten. I wish I could feel again the way I did then

  • What a beautiful post. :)

  • Great post :)

    With me, when I just got done painting for a few hours, the colors outside my house seem much more dramatic and pretty, and I start getting ideas about what I can incorporate into my paintings :)

  • I had a similar experience recently! I was opening an avocado just as I have done millions of times before, but for some reason this avocado was different. It was such an amazing color green, bright and creamy and wonderful. I felt like it was a treasure. It was truly one of the most gorgeous things I have ever seen, and when I was eating it I felt like I was just soaking up all this incredible energy. I had to ask myself the same question as amysue, “have I been ignorant or is this avocado just extraordinary?”

    :) i want my raw colored glasses permanently attached to my face!!

  • Hi amysue,

    Your mind is open, clear and free. Because of that, you are able to appreciate the things in life that are truly beautiful that most take for granted. I had a similar experience. As I was walking in the house after work, I stopped by the flowers my mom planted and just admired the colors and the scents. I felt silly, but I couldnt help but to notice how beautufil they were. Normally, I would have just quickly glanced at them and moved on. I’m positive this is a raw thing.

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