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turned raw, now fighting

steamboatkatiesteamboatkatie Raw Newbie

Ugh! I don’t know what is going on with my boyfriend and I. We have been eating 100% raw for the past 2 weeks and it seems that for a whole week now we have been fighting every day. Over the stupidest things! We’ve been together for over 4 years and we are not the long drawn out fighting type. We do have arguments but then we are fine like in a couple of hours or the next day. This is like freakin ridiculous!

I hate to look at him one minute then the next I’m crying because I miss him. He’s the same way, not so much crying but SOOOO Mad then an hour later he’s sorry.

Has this happened to any other couples out in raw land that have turned raw together and are now having problems? Every little thing sets us off..... OH MY GOD.. I'm looking at him right now and I'm already pissed!..

Oh I hope this is normal and will soon go away.. Please anyone.. give me some advice… is this normal?


  • Well I can’t say I’ve been there, but I can say that you two will move on in time and will be able to laugh at it later, I hope. So maybe in the mean time try to kick back a bit and relax so you have a clear head about it. :)

  • sounds like emotional detox maybe?

    or me when its that time… ;) but I’m still transitioning!

  • Totally normal from my experience…think of it like you both just have really bad PMS!!! :) I went through this when I did a yoga teacher training…total emotional roller coaster. It is bodymind cleansing itself all at once. It ain’t easy and feels so real, but see if in a calm moment you two can put in some helpful practices for when there is a flare-up.

    If there were a real “our transformation is pointing out our incompatibility” issue (which I have also been through- even LESS fun!), I don’t think you’d be having the now-I-miss-him-now he’s-sorry part. To me the volatility you are describing sounds totally like a sign that you are doing it right! Maybe a good time to do more heart meditation, journaling, and confiding in your individual friends. Don’t give up- can you imagine once the dregs have been flushed away how much more present and loving you will be able to be than you ever dreamed? I am jealous! Best to you both. As my Mom always would say to me and my sister when we’d get into it, “be sweet to each other”.

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    (((Hugs))) It is stressful, no doubt. My husband and I fought. A lot. It helps that you acknowledge that you’re on edge right now, Keep that sense of self-awareness and maybe you can laugh about it.

    It sounds goofy, but a funny code word or the punchline of a private joke might help when you feel yourselves picking at each other.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    yes Suasoria I think that is true, a funny code word or thing to snap each other out of it really works, me and Chris do that. We both have had snappy moments which I have always thought was down to detox. The good thing with that kind of snappiness is that is goes away so quickly. When we were cooked fights would linger on for days. Now we are through detox, we rarely argue and when we do it is normally quite constructive and helpful.

    I found yoga and massage helps with detoxing and trying to make it happen faster, also I have found that fasting is a good help to clear everything out, especially emotional/mental gak. Just one day a week fasting helps.

    You might need some time alone to yourself as you go through detox. It is a big change that you are going through. A day or two alone can really help to process what is going on and to gather and centre yourself.

    I hope it passes quickly for you. It is gets too much then if you eat some cooked food, it all stops and you go back to feeling normal, but you know, it is “best” to get through it and let all this old stuff go out of yourselves.

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