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i wanted to share some info that has helped me and my gums/teeth.

my dentist recently told me you shouldn’t brush your teeth for a good 20 minutes after you eat. the acids are still in your mouth and can be abrasive to your gums and enamel.

in addition, i read this article about how making smoothies (with berries or acid fruit in them) can cause the same thing, if you brush your teeth too soon. and i have AT LEAST one (green) smoothie a day!

it occurred to me how a lot of people complain about receding gum lines, and i wonder if this is all there is to it.

now that i am waiting to brush, i have no more sensitivity in my gum line.

hope this helps.


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    hey thanks for the tip! how interesting….

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    Super helpful! Do you use any specific tooth paste? I was making my own benotnite clay one with peppermint essential oil at home 

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    Simple ways to keep teeth strong and healthy from childhood.

    • Avoid sugary foods
    • When bacteria in the mouth break down simple sugars, they produce acids that can erode tooth enamel, opening the door to decay.
    • Drink more water - Water continues to be the best beverage for your overall health — including oral health.
      Also, as a rule of thumb, many experts recommend drinking water after every meal.
    • Limit sugary and acidic foods - Ultimately, sugar converts into acid in the mouth, which can then erode the enamel of your teeth. These acids are what lead to cavities.
    • Eat crunchy fruits and vegetables - Eating fresh, crunchy produce not only contains more healthy fiber, but it's also the best choice for your teeth.
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