Raw Bathing Breakthrough!

amysueamysue Raw Newbie

I should be pretty good at bathing by now, being in my thirties, but I made an exciting discovery this morning that solves all of my problems. I’ve spent most of my adult life experimenting with products and techniques, from dry brushing to Ayurveda, aromatherapy, all the way to the full-on full-chemical department store product line. Having worked in the business I tried them all. Now that I’ve gone raw I’ve found my routine simplifying more and more, but I’ve never got it quite right. My goal has been to use only the most natural products, use as little water as possible, have a spaaa-like experience in as little time as possible. This morning I may have achieved that goal so I wanted to share!

Here’s the routine – brush hair and scalp, dry brush face with a soft facial brush, dry brush body, massage entire face and body and dry ends of hair with extra virgin coconut oil, then jump in the shower just long enough to rinse hair and soap whatever needs soap (not arms, legs or face!) and shave if necessary (legs already oiled). This solves the following problems – cost of skin and hair products, time spent on skin and hair products, no soggy coconut oil jar in the shower for shaving, no wasting water, no freezing after the shower trying to moisturize, and no throwing clothes or makeup onto an overly oily body.

Happy bathing!

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