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I learned my lesson....really

i have been a bit MIA as I have been away at my mom’s for august so hi again! I also wanted to save $$ over the month, and so I let my mom shop for me and my boys. My husband had mentioned something about how much money I was spending on my high fruit diet and I felt badly, so anyway…while she did shop a reasonably healthy grocery list, she definitely wasn’t buying enough fruit etc, so I began to eat some grains and legumes over the month. I would say I was about 50-75% raw for the month, as opposed to my 90%+-striving-for-100% self that I’d been over the prior 4 months. I wasn’t eating my morning smoothies (didn’t want to wake my mom up, and by the time she was up, I didn’t feel like making it) which was a HUGE negative also.


Let’s hope I learned my lesson this time around. My PMS was WICKED awful. My mood has been a roller-coaster, my energy flagged TERRIBLY over the month-it was back to needing a nap for me, which I hadn’t needed during the 4 months I had been 90%+ raw. My irritability and moodiness was back. Even my husband, who was supportive of my rawness but was skeptical that it was responsible for improving my mood, is now 100% supportive of me going back to eating the way I was before (very high raw, striving towards 100%) because he sees how important it is to my mood. I was on anti-depressant meds for 16 years as some of you know, and went off them when I went raw—-and now the ‘old me’ is coming back (and that’s not good LOL!). We agree that raw may not be the answer, but it very well COULD be the answer, and it certainly was benefiting me before.


Back to raw I go, hopefully with my lesson learned. I am back in my own home again, which makes it so much easier. I have all my nuts, my nearby whole foods, my dehydrator and blender. My husband and I were saying “look, if some doctor said he had a drug that would save your life but it cost $1000 a month, would you take it?” and of course, we don’t want to take drugs, but of course, we would do everything we could to pay for it. We decided it’s the same way with raw foods. I am not going to go out of my way to pay for the gorgeous exotic 10 dollar melons out there, but if I need to eat 1/2 a watermelon, a carton of blueberries, and 10 oz of lettuce a day, so be it. No more cooked food except for those very rare occasions that come up.

Anyway, just thought I’d check back in and let you all know what’s been up with me. I’ve missed the community here, and I am back with renewed vigor and understanding of how important raw is to my health and mental well-being.


  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Thanks for coming back…you were missed.

    Raw foods are definitely an investment for HEALTH! Both mental and physical.

  • hey Moth!!! how are you doing? Hope you are feeling healthy and strong. I am feeling happier just KNOWING i am going back to raw :)

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    ::::huggles!!!::: :-D I’m doing awesome…I was up and down with my fasting trip that I went on, triggered some disordered eating and dark moments in me, but now I’m back to eating steadily and feeling great! I’m dancing around again. I just started a hot yoga class daily, and that really helped encourage me to eat regularly – need my energy for that, hehe.

    Just finished a delightful spinach and chard salad with chopped tomato/cucumber/scallion/dates, drizzled with lemon/grapefruit and topped with cayenne.

    So savory!

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    double post!

    damn that salad was good! :-)

  • LOL..i am sitting here eating a big bowl of strawberries drizzled with David Wolfe’s dark Agave syrup ( i know, not raw, but it doesn’t affect me negatively)

    glad to hear you’re moving out of the dark moments and towards the light. Yoga is great—good for yoU! I am doing my running, but the last couple weeks haven’t been easy. I know once i get back on the raw wagon I will be doing great with that again too!

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Sounds like you’re on the wagon already! Before long you will be SURGING with glorious white energy and zing!

    I wish you flight of feet! :-D

  • osoniyeosoniye Raw Newbie

    Hey, MOTH, I’m really glad to hear you’re doing great these days. I remember reading some of your posts a while back and feeling concerned for you but not wanting to pry, as a newcomer to the site, and haven’t been bold enough to ask how things are going for you lately. Great to hear you’re eating steadily and feeling great! Dancing around is a good sign too {{Hugs}} -osoniye

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    oh poor you! i was away also and it definitely puts a strain on the raw thing. good for you from learning and realizing what’s best for your body

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    The investment is a great thing that people generally don’t understand unless they have experienced the difference – for me it took going beck to “healthy” cooked food for a while (like you, to save money) before I realized that I felt so much worse again that I had to find a way to pay for it! Now I am like MOTH – Dancing around – yay! :)

  • Hi nycgrrl! Glad you’re back. I’ve been away for some time too and just recently returned. While i was away i tried to stay about 75% raw and was feeling very good about it and not craving any junk or anyhting like that. But then i went on a weekend retreat where only pizza and junk food was offered. I had brought my own food, but i didn’t want to make it look like i was trying to show everyone up by eating healthy. So I ate the food they offered. I didn’t want it at all, but I was starving and caring too much about what others thought. And that food just triggered something in me and I ended up eating crap all that day and the next and I have completely felt a difference in how I feel. I’ve gotten headaches and stomach aches and I’ve gotten my period (the day after I ate the junk), which I had been missing while raw. Anyways, when I saw your title, I could relate. I definitely learned my lesson and am jumping right into 80% raw today.

  • beate64beate64 Raw Newbie

    Hey nycgrrl, thanks so much for sharing your story!!! I think this should be mandatory to read for every family doctor out there who is really interested to help his/her patients. Doctors unfortunately know way to less about nutrition in our days and that is not a good thing… they try to fix everything with some pills, especially those ones from promoted pharmaceutical companies (sometimes they get to go to conferences for cheaper and such things).

    The ideal thing would be to have both parts working together as one, the natural doctor and holistic healer together with the family doctor, but usually the family doctors are scared to have patients taken away… Oh sorry I am getting lost here…

    I am so glad for you that you’ve found a wonderful way to heal your body and soul!

    Thanks so much again for sharing and good luck on each and every day :))

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