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Any Healers out there??

beate64beate64 Raw Newbie

Hi there, I was just wondering if there are any more healers on this group? Would be nice to connect :)) I saw you already Zoe :)) but did not have the opportunity to write you a note… too busy right now with work… but thought I put the word out there… and see what happens… :))

This site here by the way is really nice place… http://www.healing-international.com

Hope to see some responses :))

Love, Beate.


  • I am on the learning path to be a vibrational healer. I want to focus on the different vibrations of colors and their healing ability on people using art therapy. I also spend almost all of my time reading about herbs, flower essences, nutritional healing… I would love to write a book about self-healing someday.

    I also have a little “healing center” in my home where I keep all of my homeopathic remedies, herbs, flower essences, etc.

    This is a great topic beate64.. I would love to hear more about other people’s experiences :)

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    hia there Beate64, nice to meet you on here. I am a healer of all different kinds, check out my website for the whole story ;) www.thelighthousewebworld.com

    I love your paintings, especially the horse ones.

    I had worked in holistic health for about 6 years before I even heard of raw food, how crazy is that!! I can’t imagine having a conversation with anyone abut health without mentioning it.

  • beate64beate64 Raw Newbie

    Awesome guys!!! I’ll get back to you later… got to go out working now on the field… Zoe, I know your site… great, love it!! Just did not have the time yet to contact you.

    Got to run now… will write more later or tomorrow…

    Love, Beate.

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    How fun. I suppose you could consider me a healer-a licensed Physical Therapist, but I prefer to think i give my patients the tools they need to heal themselves—anti-inflammatory foods, water!!!!!!!! and specific therapeutic exercise and manual therapies to address the dysfunction. Kind of a whole-patient approach.

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    I’m a healer…I am a reiki master as well as a pediatric occupational therapist (I work with babies birth to 3 years old to help them meet developmental milestones they might have missed due to disabilities such as autism and sensory integration disorder, as well as physical disabilities). I love that I can use my knowledge of raw food and nutrition in general to help the clients I work with. It adds such a nice dimension to my practice!

  • Mon46Mon46 Raw Newbie

    I am a licensed speech pathologist who also practices craniosacral and polarity therapy both within my speech practice and separately. I see both kids and adults. You can check out my website at: www.bodylinkspeechtherapy.com.

  • I was a massage therapist for ten years, I’m a reiki level one, and have been told by a few psychics that healing energy comes through my hands and that is important that I find ways to share and develop this gift. I’m so happy to see this thread start. I keep thinking I need to go back to massaging, or something… Still searching on how and when. I have a four year old son and am a lucky girl who doesn’t have to work. I love to hear about others healing work as well. Sorry so long and rambling… I want to read more about what everyone does! Jellibi, I’d love to meet you since we’re both in Portland :)

  • beate64beate64 Raw Newbie

    Hey thanks for this great response! As I started this topic, here is what I do…: I am a Reiki Master, also Seichim and Karuna which are different approaches from Reiki. I do Quantum Touch and all three Levels of Therapeutic Touch which I often combine in the therapies I am giving. I also work with Colour Therapy and work right now towards my diploma, also Regression Therapy. During therapies I often use guided meditations to release blockages or negative patterns and to give people something they can use when they’re home. I also work with crystals and love their energy, and I have a course still to finish about Flower Essences. Too bad Jellibi and all the others that we not live closer to share and support each other, would be great! :) But this is a great way too :)) There are a few things more I do as space clearings and I use dowsing in many ways.

    Otherwise there is more so see on my website if you are interested.

    I like the term ‘Holistic Healer’ as we bring healing and knowledge to the patients and give them tools into their hands to heal themselves, empower them, and I agree there totally with you,lzhpt, the patients body, soul, and mind does the healing, we give help and stand by as it happens, and it is every time very humbling and beautiful :))

    Love to you all! I got to go and get my onions out of the ground now before it rains ;))

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