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Raw Pregnancy Update

TzefiraTzefira Raw Newbie

So i completed a raw pregnancy and gave birth to my beautiful healthy baby boy July 26th. He was 6lbs 10 oz and 19 inch long. I labored drug free at home for 19 hours and gave birth on my bed. Im not going to sugar coat it, it was intense!!! but beautiful. I also fasted the whole labor…... Midwife was very pleased considering how concerned she was that i was a raw vegan and would not up my protien and eat animal…... but once he was here she was amazed at his health and weight. I weighed 104 the day i gave birth and 90 the day after :) I know im tiny…. ALSO not one stretch mark, thanx to fresh food, dry brushing and coconut oil :) No longer 100%, im down to 90% raw but producing lots of milk, and feeling great!


  • waterbaby12347waterbaby12347 Raw Newbie

    Congratulations!!! I for one am so extremely proud of you and for you!!! Kiss that beautiful baby for me, I just know you are full of joy!!!

    If you have a pump, I think it would be nice to put your extra milk supply in the freezer for later smoothies for him or yourself for that matter…

    Much raw happiness and health to you and your family!!!

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    Amazing—if I had it to do all over again…we can live vicariously through you!

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    What a great story to tell others. So many are pushed through fear to eat meat when pregnant. Personally, I think you should write a book of your experience! Even a booklet would help.

  • TzefiraTzefira Raw Newbie

    I might do that….. people need all the help they can get. I could only find two women that had info on raw pregnancy…..

    Good idea about the breastmilk!!!

  • heathermarsbombheathermarsbomb Raw Newbie

    CONGRATS!! Truly inspirational. Thanks for the update and best of luck to you and your baby :)

  • Congratulations! Is this your first baby?

    Breastmilk is the most perfect food ever!! Let your baby go exclusively breastfed as long as you can!!

  • clr-1976clr-1976 Raw Newbie

    Congrats! Thats soo inspiring and re-assuring for other of us out there that would like to go through pregnancy Raw.

    Not trying yet, but planning to nexy year. You’ve helped alay fears..

    Love and luck to you both!

    Beany Great Idea! – I’d buy it!!

  • wow that is so inspiring. i know if i were pregnant i’d be too scared..many many congratulations.

  • Congratulations! Raw babies are the most healthy babies!

  • TzefiraTzefira Raw Newbie

    oh yes, my goal is to breastfeed til he weans himself. And Yes this is my first :) and honestly i cant wait to do it again, natural child birth is so beautiful!

  • littlegemslittlegems Raw Newbie

    Congratulations! and welcome to the world baby :)

    July 26th is my birthday too, and it is such a great birthday.

    what a wonderful start you’ve given your baby, who grew only from fresh, raw fruits and veggies.

    One of the most amazing things I find about natural childbirth is that you get to experience every bit of it, and actually remember everything too. I gave birth to my daughter in my apartment, and it was so wonderful not to have to move her home, since we were already there. Just snuggle in bed and bond, nothing could be better. And I still remember funny things that I did, or said, and how I felt (although my mind has removed all memories of the pain, amazing process). Most of my friends who’ve given birth in hospitals and used drugs can’t remember most of it, and felt fuzzy and not fully bonded with their babies at first.

    I’m glad you plan to nurse until he self weans; you might get pressure from others to wean him early, but it sounds like you are not one to cave in to outside pressure.

  • Yes, self weaning is wonderful and natural. My 15 month old is still exclusively breastfed. (except she’ll take the occasional bite of a fruit that we’re eating).

    That’s funny Tzefira, how you say you can’t wait to do it again…. After the birth of my first baby, that was actually the first thing out of my mouth! Living and giving life is the most precious and exhilarating gift you can give…. The great thing is that it doesn’t stop there…

    Then you have the amazing blessing of actually naming another human. (we’re really into name meanings). Then being able to enjoy, embrace, love, explore, nourish, this miraculous little creature. It is a true blessing! It is a high and liberating call you have as a mother.

    How is everything going with your little sprout? : )

  • Congrats on your raw pregnancy!! Though I am not 100% raw and won’t be for my pregnancy, I try to follow a high raw diet. I do have some questions – tried this on another thread but didn’t hear anything. Is there anything you should avoid “raw-wise” while pregnant. Things that come to mind are – kombucha, raw cacao, miso (maybe not technically raw). Anything that helped particularly? Thanks!!

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Congrats to you and your baby! I look forward to growing up and having a child while raw too…it would be such a great thing.

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