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Proof Of Raw Miracles-Everyone Should Read This!

RawsikiRawsiki Raw Newbie

I’ve been going along with this diet, because I thought it was the best for my health. I’d heard about all the other raw food “miracles,” such as more energy, less sleep, better skin, no more diabetes…. Stuff like that. And I tell you, I was so skeptical about all those. I really didn’t believe it.

After a while of eating really well (I stopped eating tofu and rice and just went 90-100% raw), I didn’t see any difference in my health, and I also began to eat pretty much the same thing every single day (bananas, salad, apples….) So, I got bored of it. And sick of it, whatever you prefer. I really considered going back on a cooked vegan diet. I began eating cooked brown rice again, and bought tofu and had 3 servings a day. I even bought rice milk. It was like I had subconsciously already decided my raw journey was over.

So, like a week went by of eating these cooked, processed foods, and I noticed things.

Coincindence or not?

I started getting more gas

I started having trouble sleeping

My throat was filled with mucas

Then BOOM!! LIKE A TRIPLE CHOCOLATE RAW CHEESECAKE! IT smacked me in the face! I realized that before I ever went raw, I used to have a lot of mucas in my throat, and everyone would always comment on how I was constantly clearing my throat. Even the doctor said I produced more than normal. I finally realized that while I was raw, the mucas never entered my throat, I had NEVER had to clear my throat, not once! The whole while I was raw, I didn’t even realize it! Then my mind started flying all over the place, realizing one thing after another.

Again, coincidence, or not?

When raw, I didn’t need to wear deodorant

This red vein on my back disappeared

These red pimples under my arms never came back

I didn’t get white pus in my eyes (“eye boogers”)

I also realized that when I was raw, I wasn’t even convinced of what I was doing. I was a hippocrit. I told others raw was best, but I don’t think I really believed it. NOW I DO! I TRULY DO!

And my point is, that if you think raw food is doing nothing for you, it probably is, but you are just too blind to see it. Maybe this is bad advice, but if you really want to see what it has done for you, just so you can be convinced again, try what I did. Eat cooked for a brief period. WHAT A REALITY CHECK!


  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    Tell me about it! I have been eating mcdonalds, donuts and red lobster because my husband is home and we are celebrating our 11th aniversary. so even thou we have had green smoothies and raw raisen fudge and a few raw things, my ASTHMA is so bad and i am back to full drugs and it still is bad.

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HOW COULD I BE SO STUPIED!!!!! It was this time last year I almost died. you would think I would be more careful with my health!

    I havent been 100% but some days I have. Yes at least “I” have taken for granted how well I was actually feeling on raw.


  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    I experienced the same thing last year – now I know better! Even “healthy” cooked foods are not like raw when it comes to my health & energy. Thanks for the reminder :)

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    I too have asthma and often have lung issues. Whenever I get a cold or the flu, I get bronchitis. Since being heavy raw for almost a year, I have had bronchitis once and knocked it out with a few acupuncture treatments rather than antibiotics. Since no dairy (I confess to some occasional raw cheese), no asthma attacks and I haven’t used my inhaler once.

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    I’m trying 100% really for the first time (I’ve been 75-90% for 2.5 years) and I’m so ready. If I eat one cooked thing, my eyes will be swollen in the morning. Speaking of boogers-there are no nose boogers when you are raw. What are they anyway? Isn’t the old chnaz still cleaning the air anyway? Why no boogers? :D

  • amen. being raw for even a short period of time really wakes us up to what our bodies are saying. mine says that whenever i eat a grain, i get horrible gas. it also says that artificial sugar makes me break out and become more congested. it is very rarely worth it! s

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    lzhpt – Haha! You are so funny!

    Yes, I think that eye boogers, nose boogers, and any other booger (I consider ear wax – ear boogers – people say that ear wax is detox). I think are just different ways of toxins leaving your body.

    In that vein, has anyone noticed a complete disappearance of ear wax? I still have some but I am not 100% and I have alot of ear problems so I probably do alot of detoxing through there. I would be interested in hearing any stories.

    I can vouch for the mucus thing though. But I pretty much had a complete disappear of that when I went vegan not necessary raw but I notice if I eat something cooked sometimes I will get a little phlemy but nothing like before. I can poo alot easier than I used too. I notice I do have to strain if I eat some cooked.

    I have figured out too doing raw that I am “allergic” to soy. Don’t know if allergic is the right word but it definately effect me negatively after I eat it but only in certain forms – any vegan faux soy product and I get really depressed, moody and have crying fits a few hours after. I know it can’t just be a coincidence. It never used to effect me before.

    For me, I know my skin look better if I stay on raw, eyes look clearer, I tan really nice instead of burning – I am still waiting for the ‘even moods” to come about – I think I may still have some “heavy Metals” to detox out. I plan on doing one of those mercury mud baths. I’ll report back on how it goes.

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