Cucumbers~ What would be a good way to put some away for later smoothie use???

I need help, I can’t decide which would be best 1) to blend up cucumbers, put into jars and freeze or 2) slice and dehydrate them??? Do you have any experience or advise???

I love cucumbers in my mid-day green vegetable smoothie and am trying to get a jump on the high prices that will be in the produce dept. this winter… GRIN

Thanks for your help!!!


  • Okay so I know this may sound odd but would a cucumber coconut or lemon cucumber sorbet work for you???

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    You won’t have much left if you dehydrate. I would do the jar thingy.

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    My cuc’s are just coming on. I am between freezing or dehydrating into leather. We have a lot of outages during the winter. So don’t open the freezer or frig. door during those times. Maybe both would work. (?)

  • TheRawDance~ Please tell me more, soumds interesting!!!

    Queen~ I know, that’s part of the problem!!! LOL

    Beany~ My thoughts too… Good point!!!

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    I just saw a picture of bananas cut in strips length wise. Maybe cucs would be better dried that way. Could soak them when needed. Will try some that way. Right now I am still making, “Lemon pickles”

  • Okay so the idea came to me as I read your post. My mind is pretty creative and crazy all at once. I was thinking… processing coconut water, coconut meat and cucumber together with agave and freezing it into a sorbet? or another flavor of sorbet with cucumber, agave, fresh lemon and maybe lemon verbena leaves??? how does that sound??? i may try making some just to see how it tastes. it actually sounds very refreshing!!!

  • Okay so after my last post I got really excited, like seriously almost-end-of-summer-saults over the idea of making cucumber sorbet! It’s almost midnight here and so I can’t make it now but I want to try to make it tomorrow and will let you know if it’s a go. If so, I’ll dedicate this one to you. I do not grow lemon verbena. I do grow lemons, cucumber and herbs. I had the idea come to mind to call it “Coconut Cucumber Sorrel Sorbet” I grow french sorrel, I also grow shiso. I am going to taste some of my herbs and see what I feel would suit this best in the mix or as garnish. Some people may think this sounds nasty but I am drooling over here… better go wipe my mouth off and keyboard too I guess lololol. What is fun about food if one isn’t willing to explore and expiriment, right? Hold tight and do some summer-saults with me before Fall comes (and if this recipe is a Go, you’ll have a fall freezer full of sorbet!!!) Ps. Cucumber-Melon would be killer too. I don’t mix melons with anything but it’s another idea if you are willing to mix them…I’m really glad I came across this post.

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    Raw Dance, I thought I saw some drool on your post. Remember to let us know how your experiment turns out.

  • okay so i wake up at 7something-am which is too early for me. i can’t sleep and decide i’d like to experiment early… i go to my garden and pick my first cucumber (been waiting for a special occassion to use it), a beautiful round canary yellow lemon and start taste testing herbs… i gather some, go inside and crack mah coconut! i am the coconut man, yum. anyhow. i blend everything together and dip the herbs and chomp down to see what tastes good with the mix (lol herbs and dip) and both special herbs taste wonderful, so i add them in. i will keep this a mystery until it’s set. it’s in the freezer now. i can tell you that i’m very excited to see how it will turn out when frozen.

  • Waterbaby: You need to get your raw-butt over here. I am enjoying a small scoop of cucumber sorbet after a nice sushi meal (posted the recipes a few minutes ago). This is SO GOOD and refreshing. I wish I could share some with you but I will post the recipe for you!!!

  • TheRawDance~ Thanks for posting the recipe, can you give me a hint as to what shiso may resemble in taste??? Is there another herb close in flavor, as I don’t have any and have no local source…

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