To those going to Raw Spirit..Help support Raw Almonds!

queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

Hey all you Raw Spirit goers…

I just wanted to send a note for those going to the Fest to please look for the people handing out flyers and buttons in support of the raw almond campaign. Look for a button and flyer with a cute little cartoon-like almond on it (Almy the Almond which I designed!) – like in my avatar here.

Please show your support to these people who are volunteering their time (me included) and to the people at who are leading this campaign. The super cutey-pie buttons (and believe me they are cute!) will be available for a $1 each and will the funds will go to helping this the costs of this effort (law costs etc) to save our raw almonds.

As of right now, I am not going to the Fest but I things might change so I might be there myself. But PLEASE show support for the raw almond fight by getting yourself an Almy Almond button and wear it and spread the word! Who knows which nuts might be next so we should start fighting now!

The cornucopia site will be updated soon will raw almond info and you will be able to sign up there will your email to show your support.

(PS. For people in the SF Bay area, I have a few buttons available if you want to get one pre-fest to have to wear before you get there we can arrange something)


  • I would love to buy a button. I can’t make it to the festival but I support it and our raw almonds! I am so sad to see them being taken out of stores!!!

  • I will be at the fest and i will for sure buy a button (probably several). I totally support this campaign. Fight irradiated foods!!!

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